Can I Put My Turtle Tank by the Window?

When you get a new pet in the house, you want to do anything possible to make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible, and the same rings true when that pet is a turtle. Today, we’re going to take a look at where you should put your turtle’s tank. More specifically, we’re going to … Read more

Do Turtles Have Tails?

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Why Do Turtles Dig Holes?

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Do Turtles Fart? (What does it sound like?)

turtle fart

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Can Turtles See in the Dark?

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Why Is My Turtle Floating?

Turtles are one of the most common house pets due to the fact that they’re relatively easy to take care of, don’t make a big mess, don’t make a lot of noise, and are very laid-back creatures. While turtles tend to be easier to take care of than other pets (such as dogs, for example), … Read more