Best Turtle Tank Dividers

Are you wanting to manage multiple areas of your tank without causing conflict between your aquatic pets?

This guide will give you the information needed to make a sound buying decision.

By the end, you’ll know what tank divider is required in order to create a sustainable habitat for your turtles. 

List of the Best Turtle Tank Dividers


Aliyaduo 8 Pack Fish Tank Divider


The Aliyaduo 8 Pack Fish Tank Divider is designed to keep your aquarium clean and organized. Its main feature lies in its flexibility. Each of the eight dividers can be snapped together to cover a tank. You can cut the divider with a wire cutter to fit the size of your fish tank. 


For those wanting a set of versatile dividers, this is the right option. The tank partitions can be used to prevent aggressive fish from attacking turtles. It can be used to make turtle ramps, elevate rocks in the aquarium, and do other DIY projects. Thus, giving you unlimited possibilities to keep your tank in good condition. 


This eight pack is durable enough to withstand turtle activity. The separators consist of durable plastic material, tasteless and non-toxic. This tank divider is suitable for freshwater and saltwater tanks, making it a great choice for a diverse range of turtle species (box turtles, red-eared sliders, etc.)


  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • Durable plastic covering


  • Oversized holes
  • Turtles can get stuck in the dividers
  • Limited suction cup utility


Shiroumiya Tank Divider

The Shiroumiya Tank Divider offers the latest in tank safety. When in use, the divider does not release toxins once underwater. This allows your turtles to swim comfortably without getting caught by the divider. 


And it features an easy installation process. Start by taking out the suction cups and place them on the plastic. Place the plastic on the bottom holes, get the screw cap and the screw in the plastic corner. Install the plastic corners on the plate, and you’re done! This process is easy for first-time turtle owners and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. 


Why do pet owners like the Shiroumiya Tank Divider? The tank divider can be used to isolate diseased fish and irritable fish. When in use, it increases the survival rate of baby fish, making it an excellent option for protecting your aquatic friends.  





  • Visible tank brackets
  • Enhanced protective layer
  • Increased durability



  • Installation Difficulty
  • Doesn’t remain clear in tank
  • Not suitable for a small aquarium


4 Pcs Aquarium Divider Tray Plastic


The 4 Pcs Aquarium Divider Tray Plastic consists of high-quality plastic material. This material is durable and doesn’t affect the tank’s water quality. With this grid divider, you can separate multiple fish in your tank and prevent them from biting each other.


With a 11.8×5.9×0.3inch dimensions, this divider works well with small to medium-sized tanks. You can crop the plastic grid to fit the size of your current aquarium. Because of this, the divider is great for having fish and reptiles in a separate environment. 


Overall, get the 4 Pcs Aquarium Divider Tray Plastic if you need a budget-friendly yet practical divider. There is a sucker clip that comes with it, which allows you to position it everywhere in your aquarium. 


  • Fits in large tanks
  • Keeps plants separate
  • Increases turtle survival rate



  • Causes aggregation
  • Doesn’t fit a 40 gal tank
  • Prone to water leaks


RON YOUNG 4PCS Aquarium Divider Tray

The Ronyoung 4PCS Aquarium Divider Tray features eight sucker clips and four dividers, which is enough to manage your fish tank. With its 11.65″x5.9″x0.3 dimension size, you can divide your tanks for separation or breeding. Thus, giving your turtles a great environment for them to thrive and remain healthy. 


When in use, the divider tray increases the survival rate of the fish that reside in your tank. It can be used to prevent turtles and fish from biting each other. This is a great tool because it keeps your turtles safe from other fish. 


Get the RONYOUNG 4PCS Aquarium Divider Tray if you have multiple species in your aquarium. You can place the sucker clip anywhere in the tank, giving you the ability to stack multiple dividers at once, keeping your aquatic pets under control. 



  • Easy installation
  • Durable sucker cup
  • Increases turtle survival rate 



  • Won’t fit a 10 gal tank
  • Non Discrete divider
  • Weak plastic finish

POPETPOP 4 Pcs Aquarium Divider Tray


The POPETOP Aquarium Divider Tray consists of PC plastic material durable enough to withstand turtle activity. It gives you four pieces to separate your turtles from fish and keep your baby turtles isolated from threats. As a result, you’ll have a clean and safe tank habitat for your pets.


This divider tray is easy to use and install. In fact, it can be spliced, which gives you more control over the tank separation. Use this tank if you have multiple turtles or if you want to keep your aquatic tank clean and organized. 


Also, the tank has a flat and smooth surface. This allows the user to set up the dividers without damaging the aquarium. So, this is a good turtle tank divider as it is designed to keep your turtles from fighting or causing injury to each other!


  • Smooth surface
  • PC Plastic Material
  • Used for 20 gal tanks



  • Large holes 
  • Cannot be stacked together
  • Limited water flow protection

Buying Guide

When looking for a tank divider, here are some things to consider:



First, ensure your aquarium to determine if the dividers will fit. If you have a larger tank, you can use multiple divers to cover the excessive space. For instance, the 4 PCS Aquarium Divider Tray’s 11.8×5.9×0.3inch dimension can be stacked together. That way, you can cover a lot of space in your tank and keep your turtles safe. 


Number of Dividers

Check the tank divider you’re planning on buying. How many divisions does it say? The number varies from each brand, so it’s good to know how much you’re getting. Always aim for 4-8 dividers to ensure that you’re getting the most protection possible. 


Most tank dividers are made of plastic. 

  • Glass: Glass is used for creating permanent separation in your tank. When using glass dividers, use a non-toxic silicone sealant. 
  • Acrylic: Acrylic dividers are more durable than plastic. This is less permanent than glass dividers, so you can change your mind when setting up your aquarium. They are more durable than glass dividers but are more visible. If you want a subtle division that’s not noticeable, you should knot get an acrylic divider. 
  • Plastic: Plastic dividers are temporary solutions because they’re not as durable as acrylic or glass. The mesh sheets can fit an aquarium and use a suction cup to secure the sides. 


To conclude, we believe that tank dividers are great for keeping your aquarium safe, and They can keep baby turtles safe from other species, stop fish from fighting, and manage the aquatic environment. So take the time to get some tank dividers so your turtles can remain healthy and free from predators. 



Why Do I Need a Tank Divider?

Tank dividers aren’t just good for separating turtles. They are a great way to protect adult turtles from spawn. This can help with dividing different species of turtles. Additionally, you can use tank dividers to protect weaker fish. If you’re trying to create a tank where turtles and fish exist, using dodgers is your best option. 


What Are the Benefits of a Tank Divider?

  • Tank divider frees you from having to create a separate tank. 
  • Tank dividers allow water to pass through, so you don’t have to buy an extra filtration system. 
  • Tank dividers are used to help separate aggressive turtles


What is the Disadvantage of a Tank Divider? 

  • Inconsistent water flow – Water quality in one area will be better than in the other.
  • Varying Water Temperature: The water temperature will change from different sides of the tank. Areas that are in closer proximity to the heater will receive more heat than others. 
  • Aesthetic Value: Tank dividers will break up the tank and might dilute the aesthetic value of the tank. 
  • Preventing Predatory Behavior: Some tank dividers are not durable enough to stop all aggressive behavior, especially if the turtle can see through the divider. 

What Else Should I Know About Tank Dividers? 

To create an effective barrier, you have to install the tank divider properly. Ensure that the sides of the divider are placed against the tank walls. Bury the bottom of the dividers so your turtles cannot swim against them. 

Another thing to consider is the proximity of the filter and heater. While water will flow from one area to the tank to the other, the further away side receives less filtration. To solve this, move the filter closer to the center of the tank or add an additional filtration on the other side of the tank. Since water flows from one side of the divider to the other, tank dividers can be difficult for injured turtles. The only way to reduce disease is by removing the sick turtle from the main tank and placing them in a quarantine tank. 


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