Can Chameleons Eat Ladybugs

Both the chameleon and the ladybug spend the majority of their lives on trees. But that doesn’t mean they get along! Ladybugs view chameleons as a threat, while chameleons don’t waste their time attempting to eat them. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain why chameleons don’t eat ladybugs and give up alternative ideas to create a healthy diet for them.

Can Chameleons Eat Ladybugs?

No, Chameleons do not eat ladybugs because Ladybugs have toxins in their skin that will harm the chameleon. When threatened, ladybugs secrete a fluid from their legs, which is used to ward off predators.


The spots on their back and bright colors act as a defensive mechanism, which means they taste bad or are poisonous.

Eating a ladybug can result in death, so don’t accidentally feed your chameleon these lady beetles!

Reasons Why Ladybugs Are Bad for Chameleons?

Unlike other insects, ladybugs are bad for chameleons. Here are some reasons why:


  • No Nutritional Content

Ladybugs offer no nutritional value to chameleons.

Not only are they toxic to them, but eating a ladybug would not help them grow.

You’re better off feeding the chameleon non-toxic dead insects, as it will be a better-tasting snack than a ladybug! Give your chameleon a wasp as a snack and realize how much 


  • Poisonous

Due to the toxins in their body, ladybugs can cause severe damage to a chameleon. If eaten, the chameleon will get sick.

If the chameleon recovers, they steer clear from eating another ladybug again. 


What Do Chameleons Eat?

Chameleons live on a diet based on mealworms, roaches, live crickets, and other insects. Waxworms and silkworms are their favorites. However, since both are fatty, they should not be the main part of the chameleon’s diet. In fact, some chameleons like to eat baby mice! Chameleon’s sticky, long tongues flick out to catch their prey and place them inside their throats. 

Baby chameleons need smaller-sized food than their adult counterparts. Younger chameleons need small crickets (i.e., pinhead crickets) and fruit flies until they are ready to eat adult portions of food. At this stage, chop your food into smaller chunks to prevent choking or other injuries. 

While they are usually carnivores, some chameleons prefer to eat vegetables and fruits occasionally. These extra snacks provide additional hydration, vitamins, and minerals for your chameleon. Be aware that chameleons can become picky eaters when it comes to vegetation.

Some like a slice of fruit, while others like leafy greens. When feeding, make sure to offer your chameleon a bite-sized piece of vegetables or fruit.  

Some chameleon pet owners sprinkle supplements on their food to aid in nutrition. Supplements include Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, phosphorus, and calcium. 

Other Foods to Avoid

Besides ladybugs, there are a variety of food options that are bad for your chameleon. Here are some foods you should avoid:

  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Avocados
  • Broccoli

Some of these items aren’t good for chameleons due to their high-fat content (avocados) or because they’re acidic (tomatoes). Tomatoes are derived from the nightshade family, so avoid giving your chameleon both the fruit and leaves.


Using Feeder Insects For Your Chameleon

Since dead insects aren’t always available, you can feed your chameleon live insects. They have fewer toxins than ladybugs, and some offer nutritional value. Buy the insect box directly from a feeder shop. 


Once they are in your home, don’t let them stay in the small box you’ve bought them in. Transfer the insects into a larger box, so they don’t end up attacking each other. Now the next question is, “How do I make the feeder insects last longer and give the most nutritional value to your chameleon? If a lot of them die off, then it’s a waste of your time and money. 


To feed your chameleon, stuff your feeder insects with food beforehand. The more full they are, the more nutrition for your hungry chameleon pet. Once they are loaded, give them to your pet chameleon as a tasty snack. 


Chameleons are unable to eat ladybugs. The ladybugs offer no nutritional value and can potentially kill them if consumed. Instead of feeding your pet chameleon ladybugs, offer them live insects, fruits, and vegetables.

That way, they can continue to grow without having to fight off toxins entering their body!

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