Can Flowerhorn Eat Chicken?

Flowerhorn is an interesting fish as they can eat practically anything. But can they eat chicken? Throughout this guide, we’ll give you clear insights into feeding your flowerhorn chicken as a tasty snack. So let’s get started!

Flowerhorn can eat chicken if it’s adequately prepared. Chicken tends to stick on the bottom of the tank’s surface, so you have to feed them a smaller amount. Too much chicken will pollute the tank, leading to the fish getting sick or attempting to escape. 

Here is the video clip of flowerhorn eating chicken below.

Remember, uncooked chicken can lead to bacterial issues. That is why you need to thaw the chicken and ensure it is cooked at the right temperature. Since it’s not the main part of your flowerhorn’s diet, make sure to feed it sparingly. 

How Often Should You Feed Chicken to Flowerhorn

While you can feed your flowerhorn chicken, it’s best to do so sparingly. Their bodies aren’t able to process the chicken as humans, so giving them a small amount will do the trick. 

In regards to other food  (i.e., vegetables, krill, etc.), you’ll want to feed your flowerhorn three times a day. That way, your flowerhorn can get a healthy diet while still having a tasty treat!

How to Feed Chicken to Flowerhorn?

Feeding your flowerhorn chicken can be a risky process. You have to make sure that it is cooked correctly, chopped correctly, and stored correctly. If done right, you’ll see the flowerhorn’s head start to extend. If done incorrectly, chances are your fish will become sick. Here are some ways to ensure that you feed them properly: 

  • Cut it into Smaller Pieces.

Since flowerhorn fish are smaller than humans, you’re going to have to chop the chicken into smaller pieces. To do this, grab a piece of chicken breast (or thighs, heart, etc.) and start cutting it into smaller pieces. 

  • Thaw Out the Chicken

When feeding your flowerhorn, you’ll want the chicken to thaw out. Never thaw chicken by leaving it out at room temperature. Keep this in mind when thawing out chicken:

  1. Approximately it takes around 24 hours to thaw a whole chicken via the refrigerator fully. 
  2. You can thaw the chicken faster by placing cold water over it. Make sure that the chicken is wrapped in plastic before doing so. Alternatively, you can use your microwave’s defrost cycle to make it thaw out faster. 
  3. Frozen chicken parts will take around 2-9 hours to thaw out in the fridge. If you have boneless chicken pieces, it will take less longer than bone-in chicken pieces. 

What this will do is prevent the parasites from affecting your fish. When unthawed, the chicken can become host to many parasites, which can make your fishes sick or meet their untimely death. 

  • Use Rock Salt

Dice small pieces of rock salt into tiny slices and sprinkle it on the chicken. After that, wash it multiple times and clean the chicken. Doing so will take the salt out of the chicken while still giving it some added flavor. 

  • Avoid Dry Chicken

Dry chicken has reduced flavor and can potentially harm your flowerhorn. If you overcook the chicken, chances are it will become dry. Recipes have cooking times, but they should be seen as guidelines. 

Here are some things that can affect the chicken’s cooking time. For instance, thinner pieces of chicken will cook faster than thick pieces. Even the shape and size of your pan will affect the cooking time. Check the chicken regularly to ensure that it’s not overcooked. 

  • Be Careful!

You have to be cautious when feeding any fish chicken. They have smaller mouths and providing them a large-sized chicken can result in a choking hazard. The food will remain stuck in their mouth and make it harder for them to breathe. Giving them a piece that’s too large will increase the chances of them dying, so be careful!

  • Remove Blood From the Chicken

If you notice any blood on the chicken, clean it off before feeding your flowerhorn. Place the chicken on a tray and start cleaning out the blood. You should not keep the chicken outside for too long, or it will begin to rot. By cleaning out the blood, you reduce the chances of your fish becoming infected. 

Can I feed Chicken Liver to Flowerhorn?

Flowerhorns are hungry fish that will eat everything you toss in the aquarium. To give your vibrant fish colors and rapid colors, feed them chicken liver like 1-2 times a week. However, give them a week to “fast.” This fasting day will clear out their digestive tracts.

Regardless of what you feed them, make sure they eat for 30 seconds or less. The flowerhorns will miss out on extra food if you feed them chicken liver. The other food will rot out and become inedible. 

Here is the video clip of flowerhorn eating chicken liver below

When Is the Chicken Done Cooking?

Use a meat thermometer to gauge the temperature of the chicken. Seeing the juices come out of the chicken is not a direct indicator of it being done. To calculate the temperature, place the meat thermometer on the chicken’s thigh. 

If the meat thermometer reads 165° degrees Fahrenheit, then it is fully cooked. The chicken will continue to be cooked after it’s removed from the heat. If the temperature is a few degrees under the target, hold the meat thermometer in place for a quick moment. Then, you’ll notice the temperature rising to a steady heat. 

What Should I Do With Leftover Chicken?

You should not keep the chicken at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Place it inside of an air-tight seal and place it in the refrigerator for a few days. This allows you to feed your fish more chicken later down the line. 


To conclude, your flowerhorn fish can eat chicken but in limited amounts. By feeding them chicken, you’ll provide them a great source of protein. Just make sure to prepare, cut, and properly feed your fish to reduce the number of errors. If done correctly, your flowerhorn will grow into a stronger and happier fish!


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