Can Flowerhorn Live With Goldfish?

No, Flowerhorn and Goldfish cannot live together. Due to the Flowerhorn’s aggressive nature, it will see the goldfish as food. When it gets a chance, flowerhorn will attack and eat goldfish. Its best if you keep them both in seperate tanks.Throughout this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare your goldfish as feeder fish for your Flowerhorn. Let’s start!

Here is a video of flowerhorn eating gold fish.

Why Flowerhorn and Goldfish Can’t Live Together?

Flowerhorn fish and goldfish have distinct personalities. For example, flowerhorn fish are known for their aggression. When provoked, they will use their sharp teeth to bite predators. In fact, some say that flowerhorn fish can be as aggressive as piranhas! 

On the other hand, goldfish are more peaceful. They don’t attack other fish and just search around for food. However, this can cause conflict when they are both living together. When doing so, make sure you have enough space to keep them both apart!

Can Flowerhorn Eat Goldfish Food?

Flowerhorns love eating goldfish and use them to add more brightness to their color. Check to see the behavior of your flowerhorn before feeding them goldfish. That way, you can determine how much you’ll want to add to your diet.

As for goldfish food, Flowerhorns can eat goldfish pellets. The pellets won’t have any negative effects or health issues, so it’s easy for them to consume. However, you’re better off feeding them goldfish as they are a better source of protein. 

How to Stop an Aggressive Flowerhorn?

Flowerhorn fish grow up to be 16 inches tall. This makes them more aggressive towards smaller fish that are 10 inches in height. The goldfish will not survive because of their smaller frame and peaceful nature. 

If you’re going to have a flowerhorn in your tank, you’ll need to have a fish that matches its aggression and size. If your tank has enough space, both fish will swim freely while reducing their stress levels. 

Each fish has their territory and will fight when other fish invade it; the Flowerhorn is no exception. You should decorate the tank with plants or wood elements to help other fish hide from the flowerhorn’s line of sight. 

Remember, your flowerhorn is a large fish that bumps into objects on occasion. If you don’t fix or maintain your decorations, your aquarium will become dirty. The flowerhorn doesn’t like to stay in one tank area, so it will focus on the rocks when swimming around. 

How to Feed Goldfish to your Flowerhorn

You can use your goldfish as feeder fish for your flowerhorn. Here are some tips. 

Check the Previous Tank Conditions

There is a chance that your feeder goldfish will die. On some occasions, the goldfish will die no matter what you do as a fish owner. This is partly due to the previous tank conditions before you bought them. 

The breeding facility usually has poor tank conditions, which are then transferred to the pet store. Poor water, parasites, and diseases are important factors that play a role in your feeder fish’s health. Your goldfish’s origins might be from poor tank conditions that lead to high mortality rates and reduced immunity. 

Because of this, you need to check where your goldfish is coming from and create a tank that fits their needs. By creating a healthy aquarium for them, your Flowerhorn won’t get sick after consuming them. 

Prophylactic Treatments

You should give your goldfish prophylactic treatments before feeding your Flowerhorn. These treatments are used to prevent parasites and illness or treat symptoms before they start to occur. 

Some people tend to use antibiotics and prophylactic treatments together. Others will use generalized treatments for bacterial and fungal infections. This will help ward off illnesses before they become severe. 

Sick, low immunity, and stressed fish will be too weak to take general treatments, but prophylactic treatments ensure that you’re not bringing a diseased goldfish into your tank. Start with 1-2 goldfish and give them prophylactic treatments to prevent them from getting your Flowerhorns sick. 

Feeding Frequency

On average, Flowerhorns can eat 2-3 times a day. This gives them enough food to help them grow and remain healthy. When it comes to Goldfish, feed them 1-2 times a week. By doing this, you reduce the chances of overfeeding your Flowerhorn and helping them get adequate nutrition.  


To conclude, you can use goldfish to feed your Flowerhorn. However, make sure that they come from a reliable source and treat them if needed. That way, your Flowerhorn can receive the nutritional benefits without having unexpected parasites or illnesses present. 

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