Can Frogs Eat Bread

Despite popular belief, bread is dangerous for frogs. If you own a frog, you should give them a balanced diet of insects and plants. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain:

  • Can Frogs Eat Bread?
  • Reasons Why Frogs Don’t Eat Bread?
  • What Happens if Frogs Eat Bread?
  • Alternative to Bread?

Unfortunately no, frogs cannot eat bread. By giving them bread, you are destroying their internal digestive system as it doesn’t provide any nutritional benefit.

Frogs are insectivores, meaning that their diet primarily consists of bugs, worms, grasshoppers, etc. As a frog owner, you should only be feeding them plants or insects only. 

Reasons Why Breads are Harmful for Turtles

Here are reasons why you should stick to adding insects to your frog’s diet:

  • Indigestion

While bread can be consumed by humans, frogs don’t have the stomachs to process bread. If the frog consumes too much bread, it can cause its stomach to explode. Hence why frogs are better off eating flies!

  • Salt

Bread contains salt, water, yeast, and flour. Salt dehydrates the frog’s skin and kills them. The salt drains the cells out through a process called osmosis. It takes away the fluids needed for the frog to survive. 

The water in the bread also plays a part in harming your frog. Water mixed with a high concentration of salt will kill frogs and repel them from your backyard.

  • Live Food

Frogs prefer to chase after live prey. Bread is stationary, so frogs wouldn’t pay attention to it if it stood in front of it. Insects fly around consistently, and the frog is able to track them when hopping around. Once in their line of sight, the frog will attack the insect and swallow it whole. 

It is recommended to give your frog at least 10-12 insects when feeding them. This will ensure that they get their daily health needs met. 

  • Insects Provide More Nutrition

There is a reason why frogs use their tongues on insects. Insects provide them with 60% protein, which is used to rejuvenate their skin and add stickiness to their tongue. Frog owners don’t have to worry about their frogs having a lack of protein. Just give them food that’s appropriate to their species. 

Insects also carry fatty acids. On average, insects consist of 10%-30% of fat. The fatty acids contain the building blocks for hormones and are a primary source of energy. Insects contain unsaturated fats, which are good for maintaining cell structure and regulating their cholesterol levels. 

However, giving your frog too much fat will lead to obesity. Diversify your frog’s diet with plants to ensure that it remains healthy! Feed your adult frog once every 2 days to ensure that they aren’t overfed. 

Calcium is found in insects, which helps you maintain your frog’s bone density. Without calcium, your frog will be exposed to diseases such as MBD. If your frog doesn’t have the right Calcium – to – phosphorus ratio, add calcium powder on their insects. Doing so ensures that their nervous system functions properly while keeping their bones strong. 

What Would Happen if Frogs Eat Bread?

It is reported that baby tadpoles can eat small crumbs of bread. When they become adults, they’ll hunt for insects because they’re a more substantial source of food. 

Used sparingly and in smaller chunks, the bread will show a minimal effect on frogs. However, large pieces of bread will kill your frog. 

As we stated earlier, too much bread will cause the frogs to combust from the inside. The yeast in the bread can create a fungal infection to the frog’s anatomy.

Alternatives to Bread

Again, giving your frog bread can place their life in jeopardy. Here are some alternatives that you can feed your frog:

  • Gut Feeding

Gut feeding is a technique where feeder flies are fed high-quality food and supplements. Once the insect has been fed for over a week, you can give them to your frog. The insect’s nutrient content will be digested in the frog’s belly, giving them a boost in nutrition. 

  • Dusting 

Dusting occurs when you coat the flies with a nutritional supplement powder. Place the insects in a small container and apply the powder over them. Afterward, give them to your frog. The added supplement powder will help your frog grow faster and sustain for longer.  

  • Plants

Give your baby frogs plants and algae. During this stage, there are herbivores because algae are easier for them to eat and digest. 

In addition, having plants increases the number of insects in the area. Aim to always have your plants bloom by spring, summer, and fall. As a result, you’ll have a consistent supply of insects in your yard. 


To conclude, frogs cannot eat bread.  Instead, give your frogs insects, plants, and supplements. By removing bread from their diet, you’ll give your frog the food and nutrients to help them thrive. 

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