Can Iguanas Eat Mice?

Iguanas and mice are an unlikely pair. But, there are times when an iguana will be seen with this rodent in its jaws.

As an iguana owner, you need to know why you should feed them sparingly. 

Throughout this guide, we will explain:

  • Can Iguanas Eat Mice
  • Should You Feed Your Mice
  • How to Feed Mice to Your Iguana
  • How Often Should You Feed Mice to Your Iguana 

Can Iguanas Eat Mice?

Yes, Iguanas can eat mice on occasion! While they are known as herbivores, they will eat a mouse if the opportunity arises. Larger iguanas will chase after and kill mice as they view them as a source of food. 

When giving your iguana mice, always make sure they are properly cleaned beforehand. This gives your iguana the ability to devour them without experiencing any side effects.

Always make sure to feed iguanas their primary herbs and vegetables to ensure that they grow correctly. 

Remember, the iguana’s teeth are made for eating leaves.

They do not chew on their food like humans but swallow it whole. If your mice are too large, it’s best to feed them to your iguana in smaller chunks. 

Should You Feed Your Mice?

If you’re going to feed your mice to an iguana, it’s best to prepare them first.

Just like how your iguana needs the right habitat and care, so do the mice you’re breeding to feed it.

Give your mice the habitat they need so they can become a great snack for your iguana. 

Feed your mice rodent pellets.

This will give them the nutrients needed to keep them healthy for your pet iguana.

For water, there are drip water bottles that are sold at pet stores.

Give them water frequently to ensure they remain hydrated. 

Give your mice a feeding routine. Their diet consists of grains and seeds.

They can eat food meant for hamsters, but if the mix is filled with sunflower seeds, it’s best to remove them.

Make sure their diet isn’t too high in fats, or else they’ll become obese. 

Don’t Overfeed Your Mice!

Like humans, mice can become fat if you give them too much food.

And once mice become obese, it can lead to health complications. New mice owners make the mistake of giving their mice too much food. Since mice are smaller creatures, they can become obese quickly. 

So make sure you feed your mice smaller amounts first. Then, regulate how much food they should eat.

Also, you’ll want to keep your mouse active as much as possible. Mice are very active rodents, and they roam around at night. 

When they are in captivity, the mice won’t have the same freedom to move around.

It’s best to have a large mouse wheel so they can continue to exercise and not become fat. 

How Often Should You Feed Mice to Your Iguana?

Feed your iguana mice 1-2 times a month.

Just because you can feed your iguana mice doesn’t mean you should do it constantly. Mice can carry diseases that can potentially harm or kill your iguana. 

Mice are not good for iguanas in the long term.

Giving your iguana too much meat and proteins will lead to kidney failure.

If anything, mice and meat should take up only 5-10% of your iguana’s diet. 

Instead, try to give them a diet that’s centered on vegetables.

Vegetables give your iguana the nutrients needed to survive and keep their scales pristine. Feed them vegetables once a day to ensure that they are getting their dietary needs met. 

How to Feed Mice to Your Iguana

Once your mice are fed, you can give them to your pet iguana.

Place the mice directly in front of them and watch your iguana chase after them.

Once you’ve given your iguana a mouse, take time to gauge their reaction. 

If your iguana is fine and shows no signs of discomfort, then you don’t have to worry about them.

But, if your iguana starts to become sick, chances are you need to get them to a vet immediately. 


There’s no harm in giving your iguana mice on occasion.

But it’s best to give them a diet filled with vegetables and herbs to help them grow naturally.

Conclusively, give your iguana mice as a treat, but not a primary portion of their diet. 

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