Can Turtles and Rabbits Live Together

Turtles and rabbits are an uncommon pair. Turtles like to live life slowly, while rabbits tend to hop at full speed. But can they live together? Throughout this guide, we’ll explain why they might not be the best duo.

Can Turtles and Rabbits Live Together

Both turtles and rabbits have different lifestyles, making it difficult for them to live together. Turtles live solitary lives and don’t like sharing their space. Plus, turtles don’t like to stay with their children after they hatch. Once born, the mother turtle will leave their children to fend for themselves. 

So turtles become attached to their space. If another animal or person invades their space, the turtle will become depressed and stressed. As a result, having rabbits near turtles is not good for their health. 

On the other hand, rabbits have no idea that they are invading a turtle’s space. Rabbits are always hungry. And that patch of vegetation that your turtle likes to bask in? Chances are your rabbit will eat there too. 

Turtles have salmonella, which grows in their intestinal tract. Salmonella is harmless for turtles but deadly to other animals. After handling a turtle, wash your hands to reduce the chances of this occurring. 

Salmonella causes humans to get sick, but only a minor food poisoning. For rabbits, they have a high mortality rate after contracting salmonella. Thus, making it difficult for turtles and rabbits to live together. 

How to Manage Turtles and Rabbits?

Let’s be honest; it’s best to keep your turtles and rabbits apart. Rabbits have a severe reaction to salmonella, meaning that while there’s a low chance they’ll catch it, the chances of issues happening will rise, at least for the rabbit. 

However, if you want them to be together, do it in short managed interactions. 

What Are Managed Interactions?

A managed interaction is when you place two different animal species in one area. Throughout their interaction, you are closely observing them to prevent any fights or aggressive behavior. For instance, this is a good technique if you have a turtle and rabbits in one area. 

Always keep the interaction outside. Turtles tend to poop indoors, and their poop can have salmonella traces even if it looks clean. Do not force the interaction between the two, and if you place them in the same area, your turtle will likely become angry, stressed, or scared. 

Do Rabbits Eat Turtles

No, Rabbits do not eat turtles. While rabbits may have sharp teeth, they are unable to crack through a turtle’s shell. The rabbit has a set of teeth that don’t stop growing. This can be a problem with rabbits because their teeth need to be small so they can eat effectively. 

To do this, rabbits will eat practically anything. While they aren’t discerning or carnivorous, they will go after a turtle. Based on the turtle’s average speed, a rabbit might mistake the turtle as something to gnaw on. 

Can Rabbits Eat Turtle Food

Turtles and rabbits both eat vegetables. In fact, most adult turtles prioritize leafy greens in their diet. Valerian, kale, etc., are turtle’s favorite foods. That’s not to say your turtle doesn’t want sweeter food – chances are they do. 

Turtles also will eat fruits, which can be added alongside veggies. One important thing to remember is that turtles can’t consume an excessive amount of protein. If they do, it will lead to severe health problems. One implication of this is called “shell pyramiding.” This occurs when a turtle’s scutes will grow to a pyramid size on their shells. 

While this doesn’t impact the turtle’s life, it does make it difficult for the male turtle to mount a female tortoise to mate. Shell pyramiding has no cure, and once they appear like this, the shell won’t turn back to normal.

Rabbits don’t take green leaves into their diet. There aren’t enough minerals to enhance a rabbit’s development. Rabbits tend to eat pellets that are bought in pet stores. In addition, rabbit pellets are packed with protein, which helps them grow.

Do Rabbits Eat Turtle Eggs

Just because eggs have protein doesn’t mean it’s good for rabbits. Actually, don’t feed raw or cooked eggs to your rabbit. Yes, rabbits need their source of fiber and protein; they only need a little bit of it from an alternative source than eggs. 

Rabbits are herbivores, but their digestive systems are unable to process eggs. So make sure you don’t feed them. In general, rabbits should not eat eggs. But there are cases where rabbits have eaten eggs. But you should make sure that your rabbit friend doesn’t have any turtle eggs lying around!


Rabbits are unable to eat turtles, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Due to the turtle’s hard shell, rabbits can’t pry it open. Conclusively, keep your rabbits and turtles separate to reduce unnecessary stress on your turtle’s end.

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