Can Turtles Drink Milk?

Can turtles drink milk? The answer is no. They do not have the necessary enzymes to digest dairy products, which means they can’t do it.

This article will discuss why turtles don’t drink milk and how you can find a source of calcium that’s better for them than milk.

Why Do Turtles Need Calcium?

Calcium is essential for turtles because it helps keep their bones healthy.

Without enough calcium, they will grow brittle and break easily.

Giving your turtle calcium will ensure that their shells will grow and not lose.

Turtles do not always require a higher level of calcification because their bodies regulate the process on a daily basis.

However, if your turtle has been injured or is stressed for any other reason, it may be necessary that you give them the calcium they need.

Scientists have long known that female turtles require more calcium than male ones to form the hard eggshells they lay, but a new study has uncovered why.

After analyzing tissue samples from several turtle species, researchers found some of these animals also rely on their kidneys for additional reserves of this vital mineral.

Females must produce regularly and develop eggs containing even more significant amounts as females age, so it’s no wonder that without an adequate supply, problems like ovary disease can crop up.

These findings could help scientists better understand what causes such diseases – or perhaps prevent them altogether!

Female turtles need more calcium because completing the shell requires extra nutrients, which must be replenished constantly since females aren’t just laying one set at a time anymore.

Why Turtles Need Hydration?

Turtles stay in burrows for most of the day.

That’s why turtles can survive in the harshest conditions.

Turtles can also absorb moisture through their skin, and they need water to survive.

While they can get hydration from eating food, they’ll need to drink water to survive.

Also, turtles are reptiles and therefore need water to survive.

They live in the water, eat fish or other aquatic life, lay their eggs on land, and come out of their shell by growing into it!

You should give your turtle a soak of water that’s at room temperature.

The water should not go above the turtle’s chin height because you’ll run the risk of drowning them.

When soaking a turtle, make sure they can place their head above the water.

Also, you don’t want your turtles to have a skin infection. If your turtle does poop in the tank, you’ll have to change the water often.

We suggest that you soak the turtles for 10 minutes at a time and twice a week. Just use temperature water and not cleaning agents.

Where Do Turtles Get Their Calcium?

Wild turtles get their calcium from plant sources.

For example, dandelions are a common choice for turtles in need of a calcium fix, and they can eat the flowers and leaves.

As turtles do not drink milk, their sources of calcium include plants and insects such as dandelions or certain ants, which contain the minerals needed to replenish a turtle’s bone density.

An owner must always provide these nutritious options so that a shell can be created properly.

Pet owners can use cuttlebone as a source of calcium.

To feed your turtle, grind the cuttlebone into smaller pieces, so it’s easier for them to digest.

If your turtle can find chalky soil, it will dig up the chalk and eat the small particles on it.

This is not a good substitute for calcium and should only be used as an occasional snack.

Other foods containing calcium include collard greens, kale, mustard leaves, turnip greens, broccoli stems with their tops trimmed off (these are high in oxalate), and celery stalks.

Since turtles are omnivores, this is a great source of calcium for them.

Why Turtles Need Basking to Survive

Did you know that turtles can create their own Vitamin D3? The only requirement is sunlight.

Turtles need to bask in the sunlight so they can create their own Vitamin D3.

Since turtles do not drink milk, they need to find other ways of getting calcium into their diet that is suitable for them, like kale and collard greens.

Turtles can eat these plants as well as vegetables from the carrot family, such as broccoli or celery stalks. Turtles

Another great source of calcium for turtles is the egg shell as well as other animal bones.

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Turtles do not need to drink milk but can eat various raw or cooked vegetables that contain large amounts of calcium, such as kale, collard greens, and cabbage.

Can You Give Turtles Dietary Supplements?

Yes, turtles can use dietary supplements to get their daily calcium intake.

Turtles should be given calcium supplements every day. Calcium is essential for the growth and development of a turtle’s shell, which means they need it when they’re young to make sure that their shells are strong enough later in life.

There are a few different ways to give turtles calcium supplements.

One way is with ground-up eggshells, which can be sprinkled into the turtle’s food or added as an ingredient in homemade treats (some people do this for their pet chickens).

The second way to do it would be with calcium carbonate powder, and you may want to mix that with fruit juice so your turtle doesn’t just suck up all of the dry powder without getting any water.

You could also try mixing some yogurt into their drinking water if they’re not eating much but still seem hungry.

Always try to balance their diet with leafy greens and proteins. While supplements are helpful for their growth, they won’t grow correctly if you’re missing out on important nutrients.

Make sure they have 40% vegetables, 30% protein, and 30% fruits to ensure that their shell remains healthy.


In closing, do turtles drink milk? No! Turtles need dietary supplements like eggs shells and calcium powders to have enough nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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