Can Turtles Eat Corn?

If you’ve noticed that your little reptilian friend has taken a liking to corn, you may be wondering whether or not you should keep feeding it.

Knowing what you can and can’t feed your turtle is a crucial part of being a turtle owner, as you’ll ensure that your turtle always has the right nutrients and that you’re not hurting.

Today, we’re going to look at whether or not turtles can eat corn, and we’ll explore the nutritional details of the food for turtles.

We’ll also discuss how frequently turtles can eat corn and how often your pet can indulge in it without any negative effects on its health.

Can turtle eat corn?Yes,Turtles certainly can eat corn.  However, It’s recommended that you avoid feeding turtles corn too frequently, but you can feed your turtle corn once a month. 

One of the reasons why people often feed their turtles corn is because turtles like corn so much. Most turtles are attracted to the taste of corn, and they will gobble it right up when you put a bit of corn in their enclosures.

You can see that in this video below

Is Corn Safe for Turtles?

Most of the time, corn is safe for turtles to consume, but you should feed it to them as often as you would feed them other fruits or vegetables.

This means that you should restrict your turtle’s corn intake to about one serving every month.

Exceeding these serving guidelines could lead to corn becoming unsafe for turtles.

Some organic formulations of turtle food may include raw ingredients that can possibly include traces of corn, but it’s more expensive than many of the other ingredients that can potentially be used.

This means that corn will rarely be found in turtle food pellets.

Keep in mind that turtles will typically eat anything they can find in the wild, so eating small amounts of fruits and vegetables like corn shouldn’t harm a turtle in any way.

However, the risk is that eating too much corn can result in a nutritional imbalance in your turtle, meaning that it may be deficient in certain nutrients.

Types of Corn That You Can Feed a Turtle

Corn is served in many forms, but you’ll typically want to avoid a few of the serving methods if you plan to feed it to your turtle.

The main type of corn that you should avoid when feeding your turtle is popcorn because it will get soggy and unpalatable when you drop it in its enclosure.

Another reason why you should avoid feeding your turtle popcorn is that turtles can choke on the popcorn kernels.

A better form of corn to feed turtles is when it has been cooked and removed from the cob.

Try not to add anything like butter to the turtle’s corn, as that may result in complications.

As long as you’re feeding the turtle corn that comes directly from the cob, you shouldn’t have any issues as long as you restrict your feeding regimen so you’re not giving it to them too frequently.


While we don’t recommend feeding your turtle corn all the time, you shouldn’t have any issues if you feed your reptilian friend this kind of treat once a month at most.

Keep in mind that turtles have relatively robust digestive systems as omnivores, but the most important part of raising a turtle in captivity is ensuring that it has crucial nutrients in its diet.

As long as your turtle is being fed the right nutrients, then it can indulge in a snack like corn once in a while.

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