Can Flowerhorn Eat Chicken?

Flowerhorn is an interesting fish as they can eat practically anything. But can they eat chicken? Throughout this guide, we’ll give you clear insights into feeding your flowerhorn chicken as a tasty snack. So let’s get started! Flowerhorn can eat chicken if it’s adequately prepared. Chicken tends to stick on the bottom of the tank’s … Read more

Can Flowerhorn Eat Earthworms?

The short answer: Yes! If fed properly, earthworms can be a great source of protein for the fish. Throughout this post, we’ll explain why earthworms are an excellent addition to their diet and other worms you can feed them. Now let’s begin! Flowerhorn fish love eating earthworms. While they are less likely to see an … Read more

Can Flowerhorn Live With Goldfish?

No, Flowerhorn and Goldfish cannot live together. Due to the Flowerhorn’s aggressive nature, it will see the goldfish as food. When it gets a chance, flowerhorn will attack and eat goldfish. Its best if you keep them both in seperate tanks.Throughout this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare your goldfish as feeder fish for … Read more

Do Flowerhorn Jump

Flowerhorn fish have started to grow in popularity within the last two decades. But the question still remains. Can Flowerhorn fish jump? Of course, they can! And in this post, we’ll explain the reasoning behind this behavior.  Can Flowerhorn Jump? Yes, Flowerhorn fish can jump, but it’s usually due to external factors. For instance, they … Read more

Do Flowerhorn have Teeth? (Do They Bite?)

Flowerhorn fish may have a beautiful appearance, but they do have teeth lying underneath. These teeth are very sharp and require proper care when feeding them. And through this post, we’ll show you how to train them, so they don’t bite your finger! So let’s get started! Do Flowerhorn Have Teeth? Yes, Flowerhorn fish have … Read more