Can Iguanas Eat Avocado?

No, Iguanas cannot eat avocado. Avocados contain chemicals like oxalic acid that can make your iguana sick or cause long-term injury. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain: Can Iguanas Eat Avocado? Why Is Avocado Bad For Iguanas? What Foods Are Toxic To Iguanas? What Food Is Safe For Iguanas? Iguanas should not eat avocado. In the … Read more

Can Iguanas Eat Broccoli?

Yes, Iguanas can eat Broccoli. It is a good food source for your iguana if fed in moderation.  Throughout this guide, we’ll explain: Can Iguanas Eat Broccoli? Benefits of Broccoli For Iguana How to Feed Broccoli to Iguanas FAQ In nature, iguanas are herbivores, meaning that they live off a diet based on plants. Because … Read more

Can Iguanas Eat Cheese?

Can iguanas eat cheese? No, Iguanas cannot eat Cheese because it contains too much sodium and fat that would lead to health problems if ingested. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain: Can Iguanas Eat Cheese? Reasons Why Iguanas Cannot Eat Cheese What To Do If You Already Fed Iguana Cheese Final Thoughts F.A.Q. Can Iguanas Eat … Read more

Can Iguanas Eat Watermelon

Having a pet iguana requires a bit of time and dedication towards their dietary needs. Giving them watermelon as a snack is a great way to ensure that they have a diverse diet. Throughout this guide we’ll explain: Can Iguanas Eat Watermelon? How Often Should You Feed Watermelons to Iguanas? Health Benefits of Watermelon Can … Read more

Can Iguana Eat Dragon Fruits?

Although iguanas are herbivores, they love eating fruit on occasion. And dragonfruit is one of their favorite snacks. But the question still remains, “Can iguanas eat dragon fruits?”. Throughout this guide, we’ll give insights on why you should feed them dragonfruits, their nutritional value, and how to feed them properly. So let’s get started! Yes, … Read more

Can Iguanas Eat Carrots

Yes, Iguanas can eat carrots. This superfood gives them the ability to see better and aids in creating their scaly skin. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain why carrots are beneficial to iguanas and other vegetables you can feed them to promote good health. So let’s begin! Can Iguana Eat Carrots Yes, Iguana love eating carrots … Read more

Can Iguanas Eat Mice?

Iguanas and mice are an unlikely pair. But, there are times when an iguana will be seen with this rodent in its jaws. As an iguana owner, you need to know why you should feed them sparingly.  Throughout this guide, we will explain: Can Iguanas Eat Mice Should You Feed Your Mice How to Feed … Read more

Why Do Iguana Eat Their Own Poop?

Iguanas are interesting reptiles. On occasion, you’ll see your pet iguana eat its own or its parent’s poop! And what is the cause of this phenomenon? Keep reading to find out! Do Iguana Eat Their Own Poop Yes, iguana do eat their own poop. There are multiple reasons for this behaviour like baby iguanas eat … Read more