Can Turtles Eat Neon Tetra

Turtles are fond of eating fish. As for neon tetra, they like to eat them once they catch them in the aquarium. Throughout this post, we’ll explain how turtles can eat them and how you can prepare your neon tetra for consumption. Are you ready? Let’s begin! Can Turtles Eat Neon Tetra? Yes, turtles do … Read more

Do Alligators Eat Turtles?

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Do Squirrels Eat Turtles

Known for their different lifestyles and feeding habits, squirrels have an ongoing rivalry with turtles. But can squirrels eat turtles? We’ll explain their differences in this post. By the end, you’ll understand why turtles and squirrels should stay away from each other! Do Squirrels Eat Turtles While it is uncommon, Yes, squirrels do eat turtles. … Read more

Can Turtles and Rabbits Live Together

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Can Turtles Eat Chicken?

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Do Turtles Snore?

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Do Turtles Pee?

Let’s admit it; turtles pee just like humans. However, due to differences in their anatomy, they have an entirely different process. This guide will show why turtles pee and how their pee can be used for scientific research.  Yes! Turtles can pee, but they do it through their cloaca. The cloaca is an orifice that … Read more

Do Turtles Eat Pumpkins?

Pet owners need to take care of their turtle’s diet. Pumpkins can be beneficial to your turtle, but only sparingly. This guide will explain the health reasons behind this and how often you should feed them pumpkin. By the end, you’ll have the confidence needed to give your turtle a proper diet.  Do Turtles Eat … Read more

Do Turtles Eat Mice

While a turtle can live without encountering mice, they will eat them when the opportunity arises. That being said, pet owners should be careful about what their turtle eats. We’ll show you why turtles eat mice and what foods you can include in their diet. Do Turtles Eat Mice Yes! In the wild, turtles will … Read more