Do Turtles Need Sunlight

People have a strange relationship with the sun. Some curse it on days when the temperature is boiling, others strip down to a bathing suit and allow the rays to cook them for just the right amount of time – too long and you get burnt, like a roast left in the oven. Then, when … Read more

Do Turtles Eat Algae?

The question of do turtles eat algae is a common one for people with ponds in their back yards. Some turtles do not eat algae, while others do. If you have a pond and are curious about if your turtle eats algae or not, read on to find out! As omnivores, turtles eat aquatic vegetation, … Read more

Can Turtles Eat Parsley

Of the condiments, parsley always seemed the strangest for humans to add to food. If we’re eating, the intention is to savor the rich tastes that you have spent hours laboring in a kitchen to bring out of your food. Adding a tasteless, small green flake for decoration always seemed so pointless, but there’s little … Read more

Can You Use a Terrarium as an Aquarium?

One of the fascinating aspects of fish and reptiles is that though they live in diverse environments that neither can really be entirely comfortable in, how we house them at home is not that dissimilar. They’re even put close together in a pet store.  Something about the fact that they are both in some sort … Read more

Can Turtles Cross Breed?

Did you know that turtles can’t crossbreed? They can’t because they are unable to produce eggs. This can be frustrating for turtle enthusiasts, but it is a fact of life. This post will discuss why turtles can’t crossbreed and what the best course of action is if you want to keep your turtles happy. Can … Read more

Can Turtles Eat Spinach

Turtles have a reputation for devouring whatever you put in front of them. This is often a good thing because they will eat whatever you feed them. However, this might be problematic since kids may eat fruits or vegetables that are unhealthy for them.  Is spinach, however, one of them? The short answer is, yes, … Read more

Can Turtles eat Bananas

Since most pet turtles are omnivores, they should have both a meat and plant-based diet. So, it’s not such a silly question to ask whether turtles can eat bananas or not. so can turtles eat bananas? Yes, turtles can eat banana.In fact! its their favroite fruit. Bananas are heavy in sugar; therefore, feeding them to … Read more

Can Turtles Eat Carrots

Many people contemplate getting a turtle since they are low-maintenance and consequently simple to care for.  However, this is far from the case. Like a fully grown dog or cat, a turtle requires just as much, if not more, attention to thrive. Turtles may not be as outspoken as other pets when it comes to … Read more

Why Is My Turtle Blinking So Much?

It’s incredible to think about how animals communicate, both with each other and their human companions. Of course, elephants are known for their excellent memories and penchant for raiding breweries, but more recent studies have shown that they also hold wakes for the dead and have quite a complicated language.  Some reptiles, interestingly, never blink. … Read more