What Color Are Turtle’s Eyes?

The eyes of the windows of the soul, the old saying tells us. We’re meant to look even in the eyes of animals that we otherwise can’t communicate with and be able to reach some kind of understanding. You are able to sense who is a threat and who is a friend with a glance.  … Read more

Is My Yellow Bellied Slider Male or Female?

Thank goodness genders have never gotten as complicated for animals as they have for humans. You never have to worry about misgendering your turtle, but at some point you’re going to want to know if they’re male or female, and if you had other genders to consider, it would be infinitely more complex.  Being able … Read more

Can You Keep A Turtle With Arowana?

The arowana is a beautiful fish, often majestic in its glittering silver. In the aquatic world, though, it can be incredibly hard to pair fish with other creatures that live around or in water. The horror stories of mixing two fish that don’t naturally get along well are well documented, known to end even relationships.  … Read more

Can Turtles and Axolotls Live Together?

The axolotl is a strange looking fish indeed.  In a sense,the Mexican walking fish looks vaguely like an aquatic salamander. But it’s their curious appearance that makes them so desirable to exotic fish owners. You aren’t likely to find another fish like it. Nor are you likely to find another animal that won’t eye it … Read more

African Sideneck Turtle – Male or Female?

There are few reptiles out there that can actually be considered adorable. Snakes and komodo dragons aren’t known for their cuddliness. Alligators aren’t the type of creature you want to put your arms around unless you’ve entered a very stupid, drunken contest. Lizards are best described as “weird-looking.” But there’s no denying the adorableness of … Read more

Can Algae Eaters Live With Turtles

Can Can Algae Eaters Live With Turtles ? Yes, turtles and algae eater can live toghter in peace. But since turtle are omnivores, there are high chances that your turtle will try and eat sucker fish. Animals can make strange bedfellows. You don’t have to look around online very long to find adorable pictures of … Read more

Turtle Stretching its Neck – What Does it Mean

Turtles are one of nature’s most fascinating creatures and it can be hard for humans sometimes to understand their behavior. One thing that we all know, though, is that turtles have an incredible ability to stretch out their necks in order to get food or explore new areas around them. Reasons Why Turtles Stretching Their … Read more

Do Snapping Turtles Eat Ducks

Turtles and ducks are two animals that do not get along well. The turtles want to eat the duck eggs, and the ducks attack them because they don’t like having their eggs eaten. This article will explore how turtles eat duck eggs and why they can never live together in harmony. Do Snapping Turtles Eat … Read more