Do Chameleons Eat Frogs?

 Throughout this post, we’ll explain:

  • Do Chameleons Eat Frogs?
  • How Do Chameleons Catch Frogs?
  • Should you feed frogs to chameleons?
  • Can veiled chameleons eat frogs?
  • Can frogs and chameleons live in the same tank?

Do Chameleons Eat Frogs?

Yes! Chameleons do eat frogs in the wild. While both are known for their sticky, slimy tongues, the chameleon’s tongue is more powerful since chameleons are larger than frogs; it’s easier for them to grasp onto them and digest them. 

Frogs have weaker skin than chameleons.

Also it is easier for a frog to become dehydrated faster than a chameleon.

However, if the frog is poisonous, it could be a potential threat for the chameleon.

If you have both a chameleon and frog as pets, it’s best to keep them separate. 

How Do Chameleons Catch Frogs?

There are multiple factors that take into account.

Here’s how your chameleon can catch a frog when out in the wild or in captivity. 

  • Eyes

Chameleons have 360° eyes that give them better vision than the frog. While frogs have bulging eyes, the chameleon’s eyes enable it to track other small frogs without moving from its branch.

When the chameleon is ready to attack, it will turn both of its eyes on the frog to accurately gauge the depth and distance. 

  • Tongues 

Chameleons catch frogs through their tongues.

While a frog can eat a fly in 0.07 seconds, the chameleon has better range.

In fact, a chameleon can extend its tongue up to 1640 feet per second. Because of the chameleon’s faster acceleration, its tongue is more powerful than the frog. 

  • Hunting: 

Unlike the frog, the chameleon has the ability to blend in its environment.

That makes it easier for the chameleon to detect the frog but harder for the frog to detect them. 

The chameleon moves slowly when hunting.

Instead, they will wait for the frog to come their way to attack them.

Also, the chameleon’s coloring helps them hide in the branches and leaves so they can stalk and attack the frog. 

Do Chameleons Eat Tree Frogs?

Chameleons do eat tree frogs on occasion. Like other chameleons, they’d rather eat insects. Chameleons are built to hang onto trees, making it easier for them to stalk and attack the frog. 

Plus, the frog is unable to go through the tree as quickly as the chameleon. So having a chameleon and a tree frog in the same tank isn’t a good idea.

Should You Feed Frogs To Chameleons?

  • Avoid feeding your chameleon frogs. Chameleons are insectivores, meaning that their main diet consists of eating insects. Frogs don’t offer that much nutritional value to chameleons, and they’re a lot harder for them to kill than insects. 
  • You have to give your chameleon a balanced diet of insects and leafy greens. You can feed them a frog, but they’re betting off sticking to their primary diet. Doing so will ensure that your chameleon grows into a healthy adult. 

Can Veiled Chameleons Eat Frogs?

  • Veiled Chameleons can eat small frogs. They do it by sneaking and blending in with their branches. Chameleons have green or brownish skin, which makes it difficult for the frog to detect them.
  • Small frogs are unable to defend against chameleons. They cannot defend against the chameleon’s strong tongue, while the chameleon’s thicker skin protects it from the frog’s tongue. Because of this, it’s best to keep your Veiled Chameleons away from frogs.
  • Male veiled chameleons can grow up to 18-24 inches. Meanwhile, adult frogs are around 2.3 – 3.5 inches. This size difference shows that chameleons are more dominant than frogs. They’re so tall that frogs would have a hard time eating and digesting them. 

Can Frogs And Chameleons Live in The Same Tank?

There are times when frogs and chameleons can live with each other. However, that union is short-lived. Chameleons and frogs will fight at some point, and chances are the chameleon will be the winner.

As we stated earlier, you’ll want to keep both frogs and chameleons in different tanks. Both frogs and chameleons need different body temperatures to survive. By placing them in the same tank, you’re harming both animals’ habitat and livelihood. 

Do Frogs eat Chameleons?

Frogs are unable to eat chameleons. At most, the frogs will attach themselves to the chameleon’s tail. But when it comes to who would win, the chameleon will eat the frog every time. 

Chameleons are faster than frogs. They can jump from branch to branch and eat one within seconds.

But some species of frogs like pacman and bullfrog  frog can eat chameleons with ease.

Can chameleons eat baby toads?

You should never give your chameleon a baby toad. Baby toads are poisonous and can potentially kill your chameleon if ingested. 

Adult toads are more dangerous as they have parasites inside their body. Unlike frogs, toads can defend themselves against the chameleon’s tongue. 

Can Chameleons Eat Baby Frogs?

yes, Chameleons do eat Baby frogs. They are defenseless against chameleons. The chameleons can hunt after the baby frogs and eat. Since baby frogs don’t have their extended tongue, they are unable to fend off against the chameleon. 

If you’re trying to grow a baby farm in your home, keep it away from the chameleon. The chameleon might view it as a snack. Add barriers to both tanks to prevent them from getting towards each other. 

Other Common Prey For Chameleons

Both child and adult chameleons have the same staple diet.

However, the adult chameleon is able to hunt for larger prey. Common meals for chameleons are:

  • Grasshoppers
  • Crickets
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders

Chameleons are unique lizards because of their zygodactyl toes. This allows them to attach their feet to the trees and hang onto them. Also, chameleons have prehensile tails, which helps them wrap around branches and latch onto them while they eat, rest, or hunt. 



To conclude, chameleons do eat frogs. Due to their size advantage, tongue speed, and hunting abilities, the chameleon is more adept at attacking the frog. 

Continue to feed your chameleons insects as that will do better for their health than eating frogs. By balancing their diet with vegetables and insects, your chameleon won’t need to have frogs in their diet. 


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