Do Flowerhorn have Teeth? (Do They Bite?)

Flowerhorn fish may have a beautiful appearance, but they do have teeth lying underneath. These teeth are very sharp and require proper care when feeding them. And through this post, we’ll show you how to train them, so they don’t bite your finger! So let’s get started!

Do Flowerhorn Have Teeth?

Yes, Flowerhorn fish have teeth! They can grow teeth on their lips, and they have teeth located in their jaw. Most flowerhorn fish have only 3-4 teeth on their mouth, which is used to help them digest their food. But their teeth are so small  it can be easy to miss them!


Do Flowerhorn Bite?

Flowerhorn fish are aggressive! If you place other fish near them, they will attack them. And if you place your finger close towards them, they will attempt to bite you! Their bite does leave a mark, so it’s best to use gloves to handle them. 


While a flowerhorn is as aggressive as a piranha, it’s not poisonous. There are no studies that have reported that flowerhorn fish have poison inside of their bodies. Still, you have to be careful when handling them, as their bite can cause a small amount of blood coming from your hand. 

You can see flowerhorn bitting finger in the video below. 

Reasons Why Do Flowerhorn Fish Bite?

Here are some reasons why your flowerhorn fish are biting you: 


Flowerhorn fish are territorial. This means that they do not like to be bothered by other fish or other people. When placing your finger inside the tank, they can perceive you as a threat and attempt to bite you. 

Lack of Food

Your flowerhorn fish could be biting you as a sign of hunger. Since they are aggressive fish, they will chase and eat pretty much anything.

If you’ve noticed that your fish are biting your hands more frequently, give them more food to see if they will react differently. 

What to do If Bitten By A Flowerhorn Fish?

When your flowerhorn fish bites you, the first thing you must do is not panic. While the bite is painful, panicking about it will only make it worse.

Quickly remove your hand from the tank and start washing the affected finger.  

Then, place a small bandaid on your finger to prevent further infection. This will give your finger the time it needs to heal after getting bitten.

After that, you have to become more careful when handling your flowerhorn fish. 


Flowerhorn males are more aggressive than their female counterparts.

Since they are territorial fish, they will nip your finger each time it’s in the water. The fish will swim, follow your hand along with the glass, and will attempt to bite you. 

How to Train Flowerhorn Fish

With proper training, you can reduce the number of times your Flowerhorn fish will attempt to bite you. The more aggressive your Flowerhorn fish, the easier it is to train them. Start by interacting with them to make them feel comfortable with you around the tank. Move your fingers around the tank, some Flowerhorn fish will respond and others won’t. 


After they recognize your presence and they’re willing to chase your finger, try training your fish to eat out of your hand. Usually, they’re timid the first time you try this. Place your hand inside the tank while they are eating so they know you’re not a threat. If your fish are aggressive, this process won’t take too long. 


If you feel like the Flowerhorn fish is going to bite, clench your hand into a fist. Afterward, open your hand and start to slowly pat them. This will take a few attempts, but eventually, they’ll become comfortable to the point that they’ll relax in your hand for a pat. 


You can train your fish to become aggressive when you close your hand and calm when your hand is open. But this will take time for them to open up to you. Stay patient with your Flowerhorn fish and look for any signs of stress when they’re around.



Having a flowerhorn fish is a great addition to your aquarium. However, their sharp teeth can be a problem if you’re not careful. Make sure to feed them and practice reducing their anxiety when they’re around you. By doing this, you’ll train your fish to react positively to your presence, making it easier to raise them effectively!

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