Do Flowerhorn Jump

Flowerhorn fish have started to grow in popularity within the last two decades. But the question still remains. Can Flowerhorn fish jump? Of course, they can! And in this post, we’ll explain the reasoning behind this behavior. 

Can Flowerhorn Jump?

Yes, Flowerhorn fish can jump, but it’s usually due to external factors. For instance, they will jump out of a fish tank if they are stressed or if their tank requirements aren’t met. Because of this, you need to keep your tank clean and spacious to reduce the chances of jumping out!

Here you can see flowerhorn jumping in the video below. 

Reasons Why Flowerhorn Jump Out of the Tank

There are multiple reasons why flowerhorn jump out of the tank. Here’s why:

Lack of Oxygen

The most common reason is due to insufficient oxygen. Your flowerhorn requires a lot of oxygen to help them breathe, and they will leap out of a tank in order to find a better-oxygenated environment. 

A tank can have a lack of oxygen for the following reasons:

  1. Algae can reduce the oxygen levels in a fish tank. They consume a lot of oxygen. During the right conditions. If you have an excessive amount of algae, it could potentially suffocate your flowerhorn fish. If this occurs, remove the algae to solve the problem. 
  2. The tank is cluttered, and there are too many fish competing for oxygen inside of it. To solve this, you can upgrade to a larger tank or remove the amount of fish within the aquarium. Alternatively, you can add airstone to the tank if none of these options are available. Airstones can aerate the water, providing more oxygen to your tank. 

Look at your flowerhorn closely. If they are nearing the surface of the water, gasping for air, or show signs of rapid breathing, it’s likely that your water doesn’t have a sufficient amount of oxygen for your fish. 

To Escape Predators

Placing additional fish inside the tank can stress out your flowerhorn. Your flowerhorn will jump out of the tank as a way to confuse or escape predators. Fish have a flight response that allows them to leap out of the water. The fish will curve their tail into a C-shape, push themselves forward, and swim with their fins as fast as possible. 

This movement causes an undulation through their body, launching their body through a long arc and splashing further ahead. Neither the predator nor flowerhorn have any idea on where the splash point will be. 


Having an overcrowded fish tank will cause stress to your flowerhorn. Tank overcrowding will lead to bullying and aggression, and the flowerhorn fish will be attacked and harassed and will jump out of the water to escape the aggressor. 

You have to reduce the amount of fish in your tank or give you a few hiding places. Use thick planting to provide them with shelter. By keeping your tank clean and with less fish, you’ll keep your flowerhorn healthy and less stressed. 


On occasion, flowerhorns that are suffering from a parasite infection will jump out of the water. It is said that this behavior will dislodge the parasites when the fish is on the surface, but this is unproven. 

Skin parasites like the Ich cause flowerhorn fish to rub against the aquarium to reduce the irritation. So this can be the reason why they jump out of the water too. Look at your fish carefully for parasite signs, and treat their issues accordingly to help restore the peace in your tank. 

How to Stop Flowerhorn From Jumping Out of the Tank?

The quality of your aquarium is one of the main reasons why your flowerhorn is jumping out of the tank. It’s important to give your fish the best living conditions possible so they can survive for a long time. Flowerhorns are sturdy fish. This means that you should keep in mind that they are aggressive fish that require a copious amount of tank space. 

Flowerhorns are cichlids, meaning that they prefer slow-moving waters, hiding spots, and plants around the aquarium. Let’s look at the possible ways you can prevent your fish from jumping out of the tank. 

Tank Size

Flowerhorn fish like a spacious aquarium to move around in. These fish become very aggressive when they don’t have their personal space. On average, flowerhorn fish can grow up to 16 inches, making them quite large for their size. 

Ideally, your tank should be 100 gallons. However, if your fish has adequate space and privacy, they can sit in a 70-75 gallon tank. If you’re planning on having multiple flowerhorn fish, get a tank that’s 150 gallons or more. 

Water Parameters

Based on your tank setup, you need to keep your water parameters as close to your flowerhorn’s requirements. Doing so makes sure that your fish remains healthy and happy for a long time. 

Flowerhorn fish are tropical fish. This means that tropical and warm water parameters work best for them. The ideal water temperature should be 75-81° Fahrenheit. Keep the water acidity at a neutral level. There can be slight nuances that occur. For instance, the flowerhorn fish can sustain in a slightly basic or slightly acidic water. 

Keep the water acidity level between 6.5 – 7.8 PH. The hardness should be at 9-20 DGH. When making your aquarium, try to keep the parameters in the correct range at all times. 

Tank Equipment

You should get a powerful canister or filter to help moderate the water flow in terms of tank equipment. Flowerhorn fish like a moderate flow, as it helps them swim more easily. Keep in mind that you’ll have to do frequent water cycles and changes, as the flowerhorn can be a difficult fish to handle at times. 


To conclude, flower horn fish jump out of the tank just like any other fish. If you’re planning on owning one, make sure you have a tank environment and conditions that are suited for them. Doing so will ensure that your fish will stay alive while also preventing them from flopping on land!

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