Do Frogs Eat Centipedes

When it comes to frogs vs. centipedes, it’s usually a tie.

Throughout the guide, we’ll explain:

  • Do Frogs Eat Centipedes?
  • Do Toads Eat Centipedes?
  • Do Tree Frogs Eat Centipedes?
  • Do Frogs Eat Millipedes?
  • How to Remove Centipedes From Your Garden?

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Do Frogs Eat Centipedes

Yes, Frogs can eat centipedes. If the frog is larger than the centipede, its skin will be able to fend off its bites. Once the frog has it inside its mouth, it can eat it. 

But there are reports of centipedes killing frogs. The larger the centipede, the easier it is to kill the frog. The centipede has increased armor on its skin, making it more durable than insects.

Centipedes are venomous omnivores, making them a formidable threat against the frog. 

Centipedes have a multitude of toxins depending on their species. For instance, centipedes have histamine, Toxin-s, and serotonin. To humans, a centipede bite will lead to an allergic reaction. But for frogs, this fatal can lead to death. 

Do Toads Eat Centipedes

Toads can eat centipedes because their body consists of poison. If the centipede bites the toad, the toad’s skin will emit neurotoxins to counter them.

When the centipede walks near the toad, the toad extracts its tongue to latch onto it. Its eyes will bulge out, and it will swallow the centipede. Toads are a common predator to centipedes because their tongues can snap and eat them. 

Do Tree Frogs Eat Centipedes

Tree frogs are unable to defend against giant centipedes. If you have a baby tree frog as a pet, keep them far away from them. Even adult tree frogs can’t eat centipedes, so you should have a safe tank to avoid them. 

Centipedes are larger than tree frogs, giving them a size advantage. At times, the centipede’s armored skin reflects the frog’s tongue. The centipedes will bite onto the tree frog and kill it with its venom, leaving the frog defenseless. 

Do Frogs Eat Millipedes

Frogs can eat millipedes. Unlike centipedes, millipedes are not poisonous. When the frog gets ahold of a millipede, the tongue can pull it towards them. You can give your frog millipedes but only do it sparingly. 

How to Remove Centipedes From Your Garden

  • Prevention

Prevention is the first measure you should take when getting centipedes from your garden. If you can make your backyard unappealing to a centipede, the higher the chance of never having to deal with them. 

Seal off cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. This prevents the centipedes from creeping inside and attacking your frogs.

  • Organic Material

Organic material will lead to more centipedes in your home. Don’t leave compost bins, leaf litter, or mulch, as it will attract them. 

  • Create a Barrier

Centipedes enter your house from the outside. You have to create a barrier around the house to decrease the possibility of them entering your home and you calling pest control. 

You can use a store-bought insecticide or create one on your own. Spray a 1ft barrier around the exterior of your home. 

We suggest using a homemade spray; it is less invasive than chemical sprays, and you don’t have to worry about harming your frogs or small children. If the centipedes do find their way to your house, they are dead or nearly dead when you find them. 

  • Get an Exterminator

While centipedes don’t group up often, it’s not impossible. In severe cases, call an exterminator to get centipedes out of your home. Since centipedes eat backyard pests, they like to be around houses with a hefty food source. The exterminator’s professional training gives them the knowledge to protect your home from infestations and centipedes. 

Nobody wants a group of unwanted centipedes in your backyard. Knowing what kills centipedes reduces the times you’ll have to experience them.  Using these methods will ensure that centipedes will stay away.

  • Reduce Moisture

Moisture in your home will attract centipedes. Centipedes live in moist environments, or else they will die out due to dry skin. You can place silica packets in your home to help absorb moisture. 


Frogs eat centipedes but are victims to centipedes as well. If you own frogs, use the above methods to ensure they’re safe.  In conclusion, keep your home clean and create an environment that stops them from harming your frogs. 

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