Do Frogs Eat Leeches

Having a frog gives you a strong defense against insects roaming your home or garden. However, leeches attack frogs and can kill them if you’re not careful. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain: 

  • Do Frogs Eat Leeches?
  • Do Pond Frogs Eat Leeches?
  • Do Bullfrogs Eat Leeches?
  • Do Leeches Kill Frogs?

Do Frogs Eat Leeches

First, frogs are insectivores, and their body is made to only kill insects. 

Frogs may be adept at killing flies, but their tongue is rendered useless against a leech. Like frogs, leeches have slimy skin, making their sticky tongue unable to apply any pressure on them. 

Leeches can attach to your frog and kill them. They’re more likely to go after frogs than human skin! Because of this, you need to protect your pet frog from leeches at all costs. If you find leeches in your garden, it’s best to remove them before they cause harm to your pet frog!

Do Pond Frogs Eat Leeches

Pond frogs are the most common frog you’ll see in your backyard.  However, they are unable to eat leeches. When the frog has the leech inside of it, its body is unable to digest it. 

When they are younger, you can feed pond frogs small plants. But as they become adults, you can give them worms, snails, spiders. Still, you’ll want to protect them from leeches as they can kill the frog if they are unable to shake them off. 

Do Bullfrogs Eat Leeches?

Bullfrogs are unable to kill leeches. On average, adult Bullfrogs are 8 inches and can grow up to 1.5 pounds. Even if the leech is small enough, they will still suck the frog’s blood until it spits the leech out. By the end, the bullfrog is too weak to fight the leech and can potentially die, while the leech increases in size. 

Baby bullfrogs need to avoid leeches at all costs. Twenty seconds of a leech sucking its blood can lead to permanent injury or even death. 

Do Leeches Kill Frogs

Depending on the size of the leech, they can kill a frog. Leeches and frogs have a parasitic relationship. If the leech is larger than the frog, chances are it will suck all of its blood. On the other hand, if the frog is large enough to defend against the leech, it can remove the leech from its body before it calls for further damage. 

Here are some ways to protect your frogs from leeches. 

  • Leech trap

You can set up a leech trap to project your frogs from them. To create a DIY leech trap, start by getting a coffee can and punch holes ⅛ – ¼ inches in diameter. Place the sharp points inside the can to ensure that the leech remains trapped inside. 

Place raw meat inside of the can to attract the leeches. Once the leeches are on the raw meat, close the lid and place them underwater. This allows you to remove or destroy leeches that come into your backyard and keep your frogs safe. 

  • Avoid Using Chemicals

Chemicals will also place your frog at risk. Most of the products aren’t as effective; they can damage the plants, grass, and water, causing more damage than the leeches. It’s not to say that all chemical-based products are harmful, but they are less effective than algae-killing products. 

  • Clean The Pond

Cleaning your frog pond and tank will reduce the number of leeches. Leeches live in the debris and muck that is underneath your frog pond. Grab a rake and remove algae and decomposing leaves. Once you’re done removing the leaves, add bacteria that will eat in the leftover leeches. 

Clean the pond at least once a season. When having pond plants, make sure that the soil has bleach water to deter leeches. Make sure that your pond water is from clean sources to prevent leeches from appearing.

  • Protect Your Frog

Baby Frogs: Baby frogs need additional protection from leeches. But how do you find a tank that can protect them? Start by determining how many gallons you’ll need for the frog’s adult form. Then, keep your baby from going outside of the tank, as it could fall prey to a leech. That way, they’ll have enough space to grow into the tank while remaining safe. 

Adult Frogs: Most of the time, you can protect adult frogs from leeches. To do so, you can keep your frogs inside of a tank. This acts as a barrier from the leeches, and you can feed your frogs insects to fulfill their appetite.   


To conclude, frogs cannot eat leeches. Leeches are flexible and can get on the frog’s back and suck its blood. For extra safety, you can create leech traps and keep your frog inside a tank. By protecting your frogs from leeches, they can remove most insects residing in your backyard. 

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