Do Iguanas Eat Snakes – Do Iguana and Snakes Get Along

It’s the wild; iguanas and snakes don’t get along. Since they are both reptiles, they are more likely to be alone and isolated. Throughout this guide, we’ll explain why snakes eat iguanas and how to prevent their aggressive behavior from becoming worse. Let’s begin!

No, Iguanas are unable to eat snakes. There are no studies reported that show iguanas having aggressive behaviors against snakes. In nature, iguanas are more likely to eat leafy greens from vines and trees. Since they are herbivores, iguanas don’t have snakes’ aggression and are less likely to eat them.

Do Snakes Eat Iguana

Yes, Snakes do eat iguana and are a common predator for the iguana. Snakes have a poisonous venom making it easier for them to kill their prey. When a snake comes in contact with an iguana, it will continue to pursue it until it is willing to strike. 

The snake will then bite the iguana with its teeth, causing it to kill the iguana within seconds. If you have a pet iguana in a snake-filled area, it’s best to keep them protected!

And if your iguana is bitten, you have to get veterinarian assistance immediately. 

Here is a video of snake eating iguana below.

Do Iguana and Snakes Get Along

While they are both reptiles, iguanas and snakes don’t get along. Both of them have different diets and lifestyles. For example, snakes are carnivorous, meaning that they will attack mammals, reptiles, and even humans if provoked. 

Iguanas have a deadly bite, but it is not as powerful as a snake. They are less likely to bite than a snake, as they only tend to bite when there are plants nearby. If you have both as pets, it’s best to keep them separated. 

Can Snakes and Iguanas Living Together

It is possible to have them live together, but it will require some research and work for them to coexist. Here are some things you’ll have to consider if you’re trying to create an environment where they can live together.

  1. Snakes require a colder temperature level than iguanas. To do this, you’ll have to get a larger tank so you can have enough room to differentiate the temperatures. Also, having that additional room will ensure that one area doesn’t get too cold or hot for the intended habitat.
  2. Ensure that both species are non-aggressive. Placing a king cobra and an iguana is not a good idea since king cobras will go after the iguana. You need a non venomous snake like a garden snake to ensure that both species don’t end up dying. Before placing them in the same tank, take time to study the snakes and iguana’s gender habits and species. 

Iguana vs. Snakes 

Who would win in a fight between an iguana and a snake? Most of the time, the snake will win. The snake will slither through the ground and attack the iguana when they are within their line of sight. 

Iguanas are pretty much defenseless when fighting a snake. Their only method of survival is to run. If you’ve noticed the Snake vs. Iguana video on Planet Earth II, you’ll notice that a group of snakes chased the single iguana. 

Even though iguanas are unable to fight against a snake, they are faster than them. Due to their increased agility, iguanas can escape from the snake’s coils and continue to escape from them. The only way an iguana is unable to get out of the snake’s coils is if the snake is able to bite them. 

Can I Have Multiple Snakes and One Iguana

If you think having an iguana in a tank with one snake was a bad idea, then having multiple snakes in that same tank is a terrible one. Snakes are solitary creatures. They eat alone, hunt alone, and live by themselves. They don’t work well with other animals, and they don’t hang with other snakes. 

The only time they’re with another snake is when they’re mating. Snakes are naturally introverted, and they aren’t changing anytime soon. 

The majority of snakes are cannibalistic in nature. Snakes are highly competitive and aggressive against each other, a larger snake will eat a vulnerable snake, and then there are snakes that more dominant snakes eat! Having multiple snakes and an iguana in one tank will cost you a lot of money. 

Disease is a common problem when placing two snakes together. Since snakes are a solitary species, each snake has their own diseases and germs. These diseases will affect other snakes in your tank and potentially kill them. 

Your snake can become sick after being in the pet store, and it may take a while for you to notice. You might not notice it until months later, but they can affect the rest of the iguanas and snakes in your household. Or it could lead to an expensive vet bill. 

How to Deal With Aggressive Snakes

Aggressive snakes are a major threat to your pet iguana. If they find your iguana by themselves, chances are they’re going to kill them. Handling a snake is not an ideal situation for anyone, but here are some tips to prevent your snakes from causing damage to your iguana. 

  1. Snakes are very lengthy in height. As a rule of thumb, have at least 1 person for every four feet of snake. Doing this will give you complete control over the snake and prevent it from biting you. 
  2. Have the right equipment. Wear pants and long sleeves, a snake hook, and gloves when handling snakes. 
  3. Move towards the snake slowly until it gets used to you. Then move towards it quickly and take control over the situation. 
  4. Seek professional assistance if you are unable to stop the snake on your own. Their assistance will help remove the snake from your area and prevent the problem from getting worse. 


You have to protect your iguana from snakes at all times. If you are going to have them both in your home, place them in separate tanks. By doing this, you’ll keep your iguana safe and out of the jaws of a venomous snake!

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