Do Squirrels Eat Turtles

Known for their different lifestyles and feeding habits, squirrels have an ongoing rivalry with turtles. But can squirrels eat turtles? We’ll explain their differences in this post. By the end, you’ll understand why turtles and squirrels should stay away from each other!

Do Squirrels Eat Turtles

While it is uncommon, Yes, squirrels do eat turtles. A squirrel does this by coming down the tree, picking up the turtle, and eating it. Squirrels can target small turtles but will have a problem with the larger breeds. The Eastern Gray Squirrel eats turtles, making them a great threat if left unattended. 

Squirrels look for native plants and nuts for food. However, squirrels are capable of eating anything. Squirrels tend to look for food such as tree bark, various plants, insects, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 

When squirrels become hungry, they are not picky. Squirrels will eat anything edible, including turtle eggs. Turtle eggs are a common source of protein for some animals. 

However, there are foods that squirrels avoid. Hot peppers, onions, and raw garlic don’t sit well in their stomachs. Sometimes these foods are placed in a garden as a deterrent. For instance, a garlic or pepper spray might help keep squirrels away from your fruits and vegetables. 

There are additional foods your squirrel should avoid. Dairy products, candy, chocolate, and processed foods might damage their digestive system. But this might not stop them from attempting to eat this food. 

Do Snapping Turtles Eat Squirrels

If a snapping turtle is large enough, it can eat a squirrel. If the squirrel is near a snapping turtle, they can be eaten by their powerful jaws. 

Do Squirrels Eat Turtle Eggs

Squirrels can eat turtle eggs. Eggshells are important for rodents like squirrels because they are rich in calcium. Additionally, the proteins and fats stored inside the egg make it more desirable for squirrels. 

The main reason why a squirrel would eat a turtle egg is due to hunger and convenience. Since squirrels already spend their time building nests and climbing through trees, they can find a turtle’s nest on land.

Since mother turtles leave their offspring after giving birth, the squirrel will feel comfortable eating the egg. Squirrels will go out of their way to eat food in trees when they’re hungry. If there are a lot of squirrels in the area or there’s not a lot of food nearby, the squirrels will have to try harder to sustain their bodies. 

Turtle eggs are a rare addition to a squirrel’s diet. It is a meal filled with protein that they might find when searching for food. 

Do Raccoons Eat Turtles

Like squirrels, raccoons pose a threat to turtles. When a raccoon preys on a turtle, the result can be quite shocking. Sometimes the raccoon will steal the eggs, but you’ll be the one dealing with the aftermath in other situations. 

Raccoons are not only clever but also bold. They work in teams to overcome obstacles and unlock gates. You can end up in a battle of wits with them, each making plans and counter plans. You have to come up with a solution that will keep raccoons away from you, your turtles, and your family. 

You can see raccons eating a small turtle in the video below.

How to Protect Turtles From Raccoons?

You can use chicken wireframes to protect your turtle! Chicken wireframes fasten well and lay firmly over your turtle’s living area. Added with a metal frame, chicken wire is an effective deterrent for raccoons. You can remove the wire during the day to feed your turtle. 

On the other hand, the turtle could be frightened by the raccoons trying to eat them. But, they will be protected from raccoons!

Alternatively, you can use an electric fence. Electric fences are regulated via a timer, which will shock raccoons attempting to attack your turtles. The timer will protect you from any unwanted shocks during the day. Ensure you have a second pair of batteries for the fence, especially if there are no extra protection methods available. 


Again, squirrels can eat turtles! As a pet owner, you have to protect your turtle area from outside predators. By doing so, you reduce the chances of your turtle getting attacked, stolen, or eaten. That said, keep an eye out for your turtle to ensure they are safe and not squirrel food. 

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