Do Turtles Eat Snails

Many people ask if turtles eat snails, and the answer is yes. This is because turtles are omnivores so that they will eat anything.

However, this does not mean that turtles can live with snails. Snails are very slow-moving creatures, and turtles love to speed around their tank or pond at top speeds.

This leads to a high chance of injury for the snail as it gets run over by the turtle in some way or another.

This blog post will help you determine if your turtle can live with your pet snails!

Do Turtles Eat Snails?

Yes!Turtles do eat snails.  Snails are a central part of a turtle’s diet in the wild. However, some snails can be poisonous, and turtles can be very slow eaters, so this is not a good combination.

Here is sweet video of a adorable little turtle eating snails.

Can Turtles and Snails Live Together?

Snails and turtles live together in a symbiotic relationship.

That is, they benefit from each other’s company and way of life. 

For example,

Snails feed off the waste a turtle leaves in the tank, while turtles see snails as food since it provides them with sustenance for their diet, which consists mainly of greens that aren’t too hard to find outside tanks or ponds.

Both turtles and snails can coexist peacefully if they’re of similar sizes so that one doesn’t end up becoming food for the other.

So as long as the snail is larger than or at least comparable in size to a turtle, it will be able to live together with turtles.

If not, then this means that snails are doomed!

Snails are dangerous creatures! If they’re poisonous, your turtle will have a hard time. In fact, it might die due to the toxins released within their body, and before you know it, there’s some slimy snail juice all over your favorite pet’s shell – not so great for them (or that, I’m sure)!

If snails can be harmful or even deadly to turtles, why would people keep these little guys in an aquarium? It may seem like fun at first, but what else could happen if those ones were potentially poisoning?

Your whole tank gets contaminated with toxic slime, which isn’t cool for anyone involved, including other fish who live around here too!

Can I Put Snails in my Turtle Tank?

Turtles and snails make good tankmates. As long as you feed the snails something else besides the turtle’s food, they should be fine.

Another thing to consider is that turtles can eat their tankmates if they’re hungry enough or not feeling well.

So make sure your little buddies are healthy and eating before adding them to a turtle setup!

When you place your precious little snail in a tank with other turtles, the odds of it being eaten are pretty high.

You’re gambling on its life when you put it there and start to care for them!

What kind of Snails can Turtles Eat?

Turtles can eat snails as long as the snail is not poisonous.

However, be mindful that not all turtles eat snails.

Some can live on algae and other types of vegetation. Here are some snails that are an excellent addition to your turtle’s diet.

  • Apple Snail

Apple snails are large creatures, and their shells make them easy prey for turtles.

They also have a tendency to eat plants in the aquarium, so it is best that you remove them beforehand.

  • Mystery Snail

Feed your turtle the sweet, juicy mystery snails!

These tasty treats will satisfy them and make their shell healthier.

  • Nerite Snail

Nerite snails are small in size and eat leftover fish food while they’re alive. They also work well as a snack for your turtle!

Always remember to gauge your turtle’s reaction afterward.

Some turtles will eat the snail food and move on while others refuse to eat.

Can Turtles eat Snail Shells

It depends on the species and the turtle’s stage of life.

For instance, an adult snapping turtle will have no problem eating a snail.

This is because its strong jaws can break the shell in half, making it easier for them to digest.

But for baby turtles, they do not have the strength to break the shell of a snail.

Snail shells are also too complicated for most turtles to digest.

So most turtles will swallow the other parts and leave the snail alone.

Do Red Eared Slider Turtles eat Snails?

Yes red eared sliders do eat snails. Snails are a great source of protein for red eared slider turtles. If you plan to give snails to your turtle, make sure they’re from a traceable and reliable seller.

Although snails are great for turtles, only feed them two snails every ten days. That way, your red eared sliders won’t become too addicted to the snails.

Can Apple Snails Live with Turtles?

NO they cannot live with turles as they will eat them. 

Apple snails are not just for your garden and can be a great addition to the turtle tank.

Some turtles are strongly attracted to snails and will try to consume them at every opportunity if there is enough food available in the tank. They won’t stop for anything! If you’re looking for something more challenging than a snail or two, consider bringing in an apple snail.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your turtle tank, consider adding apple snails. The bright colors and varied patterns they come in make them a great choice!

Will a Turtle eat a Slug?

Slugs and snails are interchangeable, meaning that turtles will eat both slugs and snails. The only difference is that slugs have an internal shell while snails have an external shell.

Either way, your turtle will devour them! You just have to make sure that the slug is not poisonous before feeding them. By feeding slugs sparingly, your turtle will get the same protein content as if they were eating a snail.

How do I Get rid of Snails in my Turtle Tank?

There are multiple ways to remove snails from your turtle tank.

First, you could remove the snails manually.

This is an excellent technique if you have a small number of snails residing in your turtle tank.

If you have a turtle tank and are having problems with snails, there’s an easy solution; you can create a snail trap to get them out of your turtle tank! Bait the trap with lettuce and place it in the water overnight.

In the morning, you’ll notice a group of snails attached to the lettuce.

Repeat this for a few nights, and you’ll remove a myriad of snails from the tank.

Copper sulfate is often used as a snail killer in aquariums, but it can be harmful to turtles and other aquatic animals.

It may kill off most of the snails after one application; however, you should always read all directions before using any chemicals on your tank.


To conclude, turtles can eat snails. If you plan on placing snails inside the turtle tank, make sure that they aren’t poisonous.

As you plan on adding the snail to your turtle tank, be careful not to put it in a spot where it will get eaten by its new friend! 

Did you ever have both turtles and snails in one tank?

What were some of the things that happened as a result?

Tell us about your experience below.

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