Idc Herzliya Campus

Overview of IDC Herzliya Campus

Idc Herzliya Campus – IDC Herzliya is a private, not-for-profit academic institution located in Herzliya, Israel. Established in 1994, IDC Herzliya offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, including business, law, computer science, and social sciences.

The campus is known for its innovative academic approach, which emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and real-world experience. IDC Herzliya has a strong focus on research, with faculty members actively engaged in cutting-edge research projects.

History, Idc Herzliya Campus

IDC Herzliya was founded in 1994 by a group of Israeli academics and business leaders. The campus was originally located in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan, but moved to its current location in Herzliya in 2003.


IDC Herzliya’s mission is to provide students with a world-class education that prepares them for success in their chosen careers. The campus emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.

Academic Offerings

IDC Herzliya offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The campus’s undergraduate programs include business, law, computer science, social sciences, and communication. The campus’s graduate programs include business administration, law, computer science, and social sciences.

Key Facts and Figures

  • Enrollment: Approximately 8,000 students
  • Faculty: Approximately 500 faculty members
  • Campuses: Herzliya and Haifa

Academic Programs at IDC Herzliya Campus

IDC Herzliya Campus offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, renowned for their academic excellence and innovative curricula. These programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to succeed in today’s competitive global market.

Undergraduate Programs

IDC Herzliya Campus offers a diverse selection of undergraduate programs, including:

  • -*Business Administration (BBA)

    This four-year program provides a strong foundation in business fundamentals, with concentrations in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and international business. Graduates are highly sought after by top companies and organizations worldwide.

  • -*Computer Science (BSc)

    The four-year Computer Science program focuses on the latest advancements in the field, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Graduates are well-equipped to pursue careers in software development, data science, and other technology-related industries.

  • -*Communication (BA)

    This four-year program combines theoretical and practical approaches to communication, with concentrations in public relations, journalism, and advertising. Graduates are prepared for careers in media, communications, and public affairs.

  • -*Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy (BA)

    The four-year Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy program provides a deep understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and public policy. Graduates are well-suited for careers in government, international organizations, and the diplomatic corps.

  • -*Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

    This unique program allows students to create their own customized degree by combining courses from different disciplines. Graduates are equipped with a broad knowledge base and the ability to think critically and creatively.

Graduate Programs

IDC Herzliya Campus also offers a range of graduate programs, including:

  • -*Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    The one-year MBA program is designed for experienced professionals seeking to advance their careers in business and management. The program offers concentrations in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

  • -*Master of Public Administration (MPA)

    The one-year MPA program prepares students for leadership roles in the public sector. The program focuses on public policy, management, and governance.

  • -*Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc)

    The two-year MSc in Computer Science program provides advanced knowledge and skills in the field, with concentrations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Graduates are highly sought after by top technology companies and research institutions.

  • -*Master of Arts in Communication (MA)

    The two-year MA in Communication program offers advanced study in communication theory and practice, with concentrations in public relations, journalism, and advertising. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in the communications industry.

  • -*Master of Arts in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy (MA)

    The two-year MA in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy program provides a deep understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and public policy. Graduates are well-suited for careers in government, international organizations, and the diplomatic corps.

Each of these programs is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. The faculty at IDC Herzliya Campus are experts in their respective disciplines and are committed to providing students with a transformative learning experience.

Campus Life at IDC Herzliya Campus

IDC Herzliya Campus offers a vibrant and engaging campus life experience. With a diverse student body representing over 60 countries, the campus fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Students enjoy a wide range of opportunities to connect with peers, participate in extracurricular activities, and pursue personal interests.

Student Clubs and Organizations

IDC Herzliya Campus hosts a plethora of student clubs and organizations catering to various interests. These include academic clubs, social groups, cultural associations, and sports teams. Students are encouraged to join these clubs to connect with like-minded individuals, develop leadership skills, and contribute to campus life.

Campus Housing and Dining

The campus provides comfortable on-campus housing options for students. The dormitories offer a range of room types, including single and shared rooms, as well as apartments for families. The campus dining hall serves a variety of international and local cuisine, ensuring that students have access to nutritious and affordable meals.

Recreational Facilities

IDC Herzliya Campus boasts state-of-the-art recreational facilities. The campus features a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Students can participate in organized sports activities or simply relax and socialize in these spaces.

Research and Innovation at IDC Herzliya Campus

IDC Herzliya Campus is renowned for its cutting-edge research and innovation initiatives. The campus is home to several research centers and institutes dedicated to advancing knowledge and solving real-world problems.

Research Centers and Institutes

IDC Herzliya Campus houses several research centers and institutes, including:

  • The Adelson School of Entrepreneurship
  • The Cyber Security Research Center
  • The Data Science Research Center
  • The Energy Research Center
  • The Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center for Technological Innovation (HITCI)

These centers and institutes bring together faculty, researchers, and students from diverse disciplines to collaborate on groundbreaking research projects.

Notable Research Projects and Accomplishments

IDC Herzliya Campus has a strong track record of notable research projects and accomplishments. Some of the campus’s research highlights include:

  • Development of innovative cybersecurity solutions to protect critical infrastructure
  • Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning for healthcare applications
  • Groundbreaking research in renewable energy technologies
  • Creation of new business models and strategies for entrepreneurs
  • Development of educational programs that integrate research and innovation

The campus’s research and innovation initiatives contribute to its reputation as a leading academic institution and a hub for knowledge creation and dissemination.

International Partnerships and Collaborations

IDC Herzliya Campus has established numerous international partnerships and collaborations with prestigious academic institutions and organizations worldwide. These partnerships provide students and faculty with a wealth of opportunities for global learning, research, and innovation.

Through these partnerships, IDC Herzliya Campus offers a wide range of joint degree programs, exchange programs, research projects, and cultural exchanges. Students benefit from access to world-class faculty, cutting-edge research facilities, and diverse perspectives from different cultures.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Global learning opportunities:Students can study abroad, participate in international research projects, and attend conferences and workshops at partner institutions.
  • Enhanced research collaboration:Faculty members engage in joint research projects, publish in international journals, and secure funding for collaborative research initiatives.
  • Cultural exchange and diversity:Partnerships foster cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, and global citizenship among students and faculty.
  • Career advancement:Graduates with international experience and connections are highly sought after in the global job market.

Examples of Successful Projects and Initiatives

Some notable examples of successful international partnerships include:

  • Joint degree program with New York University:Students earn a dual degree in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from NYU.
  • Research collaboration with the University of Cambridge:Faculty members from both institutions are involved in a joint research project on artificial intelligence and its applications in healthcare.
  • Cultural exchange program with the University of Tokyo:Students from IDC Herzliya and the University of Tokyo participate in a cultural exchange program that includes language learning, cultural immersion, and joint workshops.

Career Services and Alumni Network

IDC Herzliya Campus provides comprehensive career services to support students and graduates in their professional development. The campus’s dedicated career center offers a wide range of resources and assistance to help students prepare for their future careers and connect with potential employers.

The career services at IDC Herzliya Campus include:

Career Counseling and Guidance

  • Individual career counseling sessions to help students explore their interests, identify their skills, and develop career goals.
  • Workshops and seminars on resume writing, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies.
  • Mock interviews and practice sessions to enhance students’ confidence and preparation.

Job Placement Assistance

  • Access to a job database with exclusive listings for IDC Herzliya Campus students and graduates.
  • Assistance with resume review, cover letter writing, and interview preparation.
  • Employer outreach and networking events to connect students with potential employers.

Networking Opportunities

  • Alumni networking events and mentorship programs to connect students with successful IDC Herzliya Campus graduates.
  • Industry guest speakers and panels to provide insights into different career paths and industry trends.
  • Participation in career fairs and conferences to meet potential employers and explore job opportunities.

The IDC Herzliya Campus alumni network is strong and active, with over 20,000 graduates worldwide. The alumni association organizes regular events, workshops, and networking opportunities to support graduates in their career development and professional growth.

Many IDC Herzliya Campus alumni have gone on to successful careers in various industries, including technology, finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Some notable alumni include:

  • Eyal Waldman, CEO of Mellanox Technologies
  • Ofer Vilenski, CEO of Fiverr
  • Michal Tsur, CEO of Papaya Global

The career services and alumni network at IDC Herzliya Campus are highly regarded and provide invaluable support to students and graduates throughout their professional journeys.

Campus Location and Transportation

Idc Herzliya Campus

IDC Herzliya Campus is strategically located in the heart of Herzliya Pituach, a vibrant and dynamic coastal city in central Israel. The campus is situated within close proximity to a wide range of amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and public transportation hubs.

Transportation Options

IDC Herzliya Campus is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, providing convenient commuting options for students and visitors. The campus is located within walking distance of the Herzliya Pituach train station, offering direct connections to major cities in Israel, including Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem.

Additionally, numerous bus lines serve the campus, connecting it to surrounding areas and other parts of Herzliya.

Nearby Amenities

The campus is surrounded by a diverse array of amenities, catering to the needs of students and visitors. Within walking distance, students can find a wide selection of shopping centers, including Arena Mall and Herzliya City Center, offering a variety of retail options, from fashion boutiques to electronics stores.

The campus is also close to numerous restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, providing ample opportunities for socialization, dining, and leisure activities.

Campus Facilities and Infrastructure

IDC Herzliya Campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that support the academic, research, and student life endeavors of its community. The campus is designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, providing students and faculty with the resources they need to excel.

Academic Buildings

IDC Herzliya’s academic buildings are designed to facilitate interactive learning and research. They feature spacious classrooms equipped with modern technology, collaborative workspaces, and research laboratories. The buildings also house specialized facilities such as the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Innovation Lab, and the Cyber Security Research Center.


The campus has two libraries: the Main Library and the Law Library. The Main Library is a hub for research and academic support, offering a vast collection of books, journals, and electronic resources. The Law Library provides access to legal materials and research tools, supporting the needs of law students and faculty.


IDC Herzliya Campus is home to numerous laboratories that support teaching and research in various disciplines. These include the Simulation and Gaming Lab, the Data Science Lab, the Cyber Security Lab, and the Social Psychology Lab. The laboratories provide students with hands-on experience and access to cutting-edge equipment.

Sustainability Initiatives

IDC Herzliya is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The campus has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including:

  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances
  • Water conservation measures
  • Recycling and waste reduction programs
  • Use of renewable energy sources

These initiatives contribute to a greener and more sustainable campus environment.

Notable Faculty and Staff

Idc Herzliya Campus

IDC Herzliya Campus is home to a distinguished faculty and staff who are renowned for their academic excellence, research contributions, and dedication to student success.

These individuals have made significant contributions to their respective fields and have played a vital role in shaping the academic and research landscape at IDC Herzliya Campus.

Awards and Honors

The faculty and staff at IDC Herzliya Campus have received numerous awards and honors for their outstanding achievements. These include:

  • The Israel Prize, the highest honor awarded in the State of Israel for academic and artistic achievement.
  • The Rothschild Prize, awarded annually by the Rothschild Foundation for outstanding research in the social sciences and humanities.
  • The EMET Prize, awarded by the A.M.N Foundation for the Advancement of Science, Art, and Culture to outstanding scientists, artists, and writers.

Student Testimonials and Reviews

IDC Herzliya Campus has garnered a reputation for academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and exceptional career support. To gain insights into the student experience, let’s explore testimonials and reviews from current and former students.

Academic Programs

Students consistently praise the rigor and relevance of IDC Herzliya’s academic programs. They appreciate the diverse course offerings, the focus on practical application, and the opportunities to engage in research and internships.

“The faculty is highly knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. They challenge us to think critically and prepare us for the real world.”

Sarah, current student

Campus Life

IDC Herzliya Campus offers a vibrant and inclusive campus life. Students enjoy a wide range of clubs, organizations, and social events that cater to diverse interests and backgrounds.

“The campus is a melting pot of cultures and perspectives. I’ve made lifelong friends from all over the world.”

David, former student

Career Services

IDC Herzliya’s Career Services department provides comprehensive support to students throughout their academic journey and beyond. They offer career counseling, resume writing workshops, job fairs, and networking opportunities.

“The Career Services team went above and beyond to help me find my dream job. They provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the process.”

Emily, alumna

Overall Student Satisfaction

Overall, students at IDC Herzliya Campus report high levels of satisfaction. They appreciate the academic rigor, the supportive campus community, and the excellent career services. They feel well-prepared for their future careers and highly recommend IDC Herzliya to prospective students.

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