Premier Sports Campus

Premier Sports Campus Overview

Premier Sports Campus

The Premier Sports Campus is a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Its mission is to provide a world-class destination for athletes, teams, and sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Established in 2008, the campus has grown to encompass over 100 acres of land and boasts a wide range of facilities and amenities. These include:


  • Conveniently situated in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, a thriving community known for its exceptional quality of life.
  • Close proximity to major highways and airports, ensuring easy access for athletes, teams, and visitors.


  • 12 lighted baseball and softball fields, including a championship stadium with seating for over 1,000 spectators.
  • 12 lighted multi-purpose fields for soccer, lacrosse, football, and other sports.
  • A 50,000-square-foot indoor sports complex featuring basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a fitness center.
  • A 25,000-square-foot aquatic center with a competition pool, diving well, and leisure pool.
  • A 10,000-square-foot sports performance center with cutting-edge equipment and training programs.


  • Concessions and dining options to cater to the needs of athletes, teams, and spectators.
  • Retail shops offering a wide range of sports equipment and apparel.
  • Covered seating areas and shaded walkways for comfort and convenience.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the campus to stay connected and share experiences.

Sports Offered at the Campus

Premier Sports Campus

The Premier Sports Campus offers a wide range of sports for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaching staff provide an unparalleled environment for athletes to develop their skills, achieve their goals, and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

The campus features dedicated facilities for the following sports:

Baseball and Softball

  • Multiple regulation-size baseball and softball fields with artificial turf and professional-grade dugouts
  • Indoor batting cages and pitching tunnels for year-round training
  • Dedicated pitching mounds and bullpens
  • Expert coaching staff with experience at the collegiate and professional levels
  • Comprehensive training programs for all skill levels, from beginners to elite athletes


  • Two full-size basketball courts with regulation-height hoops
  • Adjustable backboards for players of all ages and heights
  • State-of-the-art shooting machines and rebounders
  • Skilled coaching staff with a proven track record of developing top-level players
  • Customized training programs tailored to individual needs and goals


  • Regulation-size football field with artificial turf and goalposts
  • Indoor practice facility with a full-length field and high ceilings
  • Dedicated weight room and cardio equipment for strength and conditioning
  • Experienced coaching staff with expertise in all aspects of the game
  • Comprehensive training programs for all positions, including skill development, playbooks, and game strategy


  • Multiple regulation-size lacrosse fields with synthetic turf and professional-grade nets
  • Indoor practice facility with a full-length field and shooting areas
  • Specialized equipment for goalkeepers and field players
  • Expert coaching staff with a deep understanding of the game
  • Training programs designed to enhance stick skills, footwork, and game tactics


  • Multiple regulation-size soccer fields with natural grass and artificial turf
  • Indoor soccer arena with a full-size field and professional-grade lighting
  • Dedicated goalkeeper training area with specialized equipment
  • Highly qualified coaching staff with experience at the collegiate and professional levels
  • Comprehensive training programs covering technical skills, game strategy, and fitness


  • Eight outdoor tennis courts with various surfaces, including hard courts and clay courts
  • Indoor tennis courts with climate control for year-round play
  • Ball machines and practice walls for individual training
  • Professional coaching staff with a focus on stroke technique, footwork, and match strategy
  • Training programs tailored to all levels, from recreational players to competitive athletes


  • Two full-size volleyball courts with regulation-height nets
  • Dedicated sand volleyball courts for outdoor training
  • Specialized equipment for setting, spiking, and blocking
  • Experienced coaching staff with a passion for developing young athletes
  • Comprehensive training programs designed to improve skills, teamwork, and game strategy

Events and Tournaments

Premier Sports Campus hosts a wide array of sporting events and tournaments throughout the year, attracting teams, athletes, and spectators from across the region and beyond.

The campus’s state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff provide an exceptional platform for these events, ranging from local youth competitions to prestigious national championships.

Notable Events

Some of the notable events hosted at Premier Sports Campus include:

  • National Youth Soccer Championships:The campus has hosted the National Youth Soccer Championships for several consecutive years, bringing together some of the most talented young soccer players in the country.
  • College Softball World Series:The campus has been the venue for the College Softball World Series, showcasing the top college softball teams in the nation and attracting thousands of fans.
  • National Field Hockey Championships:Premier Sports Campus has hosted the National Field Hockey Championships, featuring elite field hockey teams from across the country.

Event Booking and Hosting

To book and host an event at Premier Sports Campus, interested parties can follow these steps:

  1. Inquire and Request Availability:Contact the Premier Sports Campus event coordination team to inquire about availability and discuss event details.
  2. Submit Proposal:Submit a detailed proposal outlining the event’s scope, schedule, and facility requirements.
  3. Negotiate and Finalize Agreement:Negotiate the event details, including fees, facility usage, and staffing requirements, and finalize the agreement.
  4. Plan and Coordinate:Collaborate with the Premier Sports Campus team to plan and coordinate the event, ensuring a successful and memorable experience for all.

Educational and Training Programs

The Premier Sports Campus offers comprehensive educational and training programs tailored to enhance the skills and knowledge of athletes and coaches. These programs cover various aspects of sports science, performance optimization, and coaching methodologies.The curriculum is designed to provide a holistic understanding of the latest advancements in sports training, nutrition, injury prevention, and performance analysis.

The programs are led by experienced professionals and industry experts who share their insights and expertise with participants.

Certification Opportunities

Upon completion of the programs, participants receive industry-recognized certifications that validate their knowledge and skills. These certifications are highly valued by employers in the sports industry and can open doors to new career opportunities.

Benefits and Outcomes

The educational and training programs at the Premier Sports Campus offer numerous benefits for athletes and coaches, including:

  • Enhanced performance and competitive advantage
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Improved coaching skills and strategies
  • Increased knowledge of sports science and training principles
  • Professional development and career advancement opportunities

Community Involvement and Impact

Premier Sports Campus actively engages in the local community, fostering youth development, sports accessibility, and healthy lifestyles.The campus hosts numerous programs and initiatives aimed at empowering youth through sports. These programs provide mentorship, coaching, and opportunities for underprivileged children to participate in various athletic activities.

By promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline, the campus instills valuable life skills in young individuals.

Youth Development Programs

  • Partnerships with local schools and community organizations to offer after-school sports programs and summer camps.
  • Dedicated programs for youth with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity and equal access to sports.
  • Mentorship initiatives connecting young athletes with experienced coaches and role models.

Sports Accessibility, Premier Sports Campus

  • Collaboration with local sports leagues and clubs to provide affordable access to sports facilities and equipment.
  • Hosting of community events and tournaments that promote participation and showcase local talent.
  • Offering scholarships and financial assistance to support aspiring athletes from diverse backgrounds.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

  • Partnerships with healthcare organizations to conduct health screenings and educational programs.
  • Collaboration with local fitness centers to offer discounted memberships and group exercise classes.
  • Hosting of community walks, runs, and other fitness challenges to encourage physical activity.

Through these initiatives, Premier Sports Campus serves as a hub for community engagement, fostering a culture of health, well-being, and sportsmanship within the local community.

Future Plans and Developments: Premier Sports Campus

The Premier Sports Campus is committed to continuously enhancing its facilities, programs, and services to meet the evolving needs of athletes, teams, and the community. Several exciting development projects are underway, with a vision to expand the campus’s offerings and further establish it as a premier destination for sports and recreation.

These developments are strategically aligned with the campus’s mission to provide a comprehensive and accessible sports environment that fosters athletic excellence, promotes healthy lifestyles, and creates positive community experiences.

Facility Expansions

  • Construction of a new indoor sports complex featuring multiple basketball and volleyball courts, a fitness center, and a dedicated training space for youth athletes.
  • Expansion of the existing outdoor fields to accommodate additional soccer, baseball, and softball fields, providing more opportunities for tournaments and league play.
  • Development of a state-of-the-art aquatic center with a competition-sized pool, diving boards, and a recreational pool for families and individuals.

Program Enhancements

The campus plans to introduce new programs and enhance existing ones to cater to a wider range of participants and skill levels.

  • Expansion of youth sports programs to include more specialized training and development opportunities for young athletes in various sports.
  • Introduction of adult fitness and wellness programs, including group classes, personal training, and nutrition counseling.
  • Development of elite training programs for high-level athletes seeking to compete at the collegiate or professional level.

Community Partnerships

The Premier Sports Campus recognizes the importance of community involvement and aims to strengthen its partnerships with local schools, organizations, and businesses.

  • Collaboration with local schools to provide after-school programs, sports clinics, and access to the campus facilities.
  • Partnerships with community organizations to host charity events, tournaments, and fundraising activities.
  • Support for local businesses by offering discounts, hosting corporate events, and promoting their services to the campus community.

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