Sun N Fun Expo Campus

Sun N Fun Expo Campus Overview

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus is a sprawling 2,000-acre aviation and aerospace center located in Lakeland, Florida. Established in 1974, the campus has evolved into a world-renowned destination for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and industry professionals.

The campus features a wide range of facilities, including:

  • A 3,000-foot paved runway
  • A large aircraft hangar
  • A flight training center
  • li>A museum dedicated to aviation history

  • A conference center and meeting rooms
  • A restaurant and gift shop

Aviation Exhibits and Displays

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus showcases a diverse array of aviation exhibits and displays, offering attendees an immersive experience into the world of aviation. From vintage aircraft to cutting-edge technologies, the campus provides a comprehensive overview of the industry’s history, present, and future.

Aircraft enthusiasts can marvel at a wide range of aircraft types, including historic warbirds, sleek private jets, and innovative experimental designs. Manufacturers from around the globe present their latest models, showcasing advancements in aerodynamics, propulsion, and avionics. Visitors can also witness live flight demonstrations, aerobatic performances, and hands-on exhibits that delve into the intricacies of aviation.

Aircraft Types

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus features an extensive collection of aircraft types, representing the diversity of the aviation industry. Visitors can explore:

  • Vintage aircraft: Iconic aircraft from the golden age of aviation, such as the Boeing Stearman and the Curtiss Jenny, are on display.
  • Warbirds: Historic military aircraft, including the P-51 Mustang and the F-86 Sabre, offer a glimpse into the history of aerial combat.
  • Experimental aircraft: Innovative and cutting-edge designs push the boundaries of aviation technology, showcasing the latest advancements in aircraft design.
  • Private jets: Sleek and luxurious aircraft designed for business and personal travel are exhibited, showcasing the pinnacle of aviation comfort and performance.

Manufacturers, Sun N Fun Expo Campus

Leading aviation manufacturers from around the world showcase their latest aircraft and technologies at the Sun N Fun Expo Campus. Visitors can interact with representatives from:

  • Boeing: The global aerospace giant displays its commercial and military aircraft, including the iconic 737 and the advanced F-15 Eagle.
  • Cessna: A renowned manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, Cessna presents its range of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft.
  • Cirrus: Known for its innovative aircraft designs, Cirrus showcases its line of single-engine and jet-powered aircraft.
  • Embraer: The Brazilian aerospace company exhibits its range of regional jets and business aircraft, highlighting its advancements in aviation technology.


The Sun N Fun Expo Campus is a hub for the latest aviation technologies. Visitors can explore:

  • Advanced avionics: Cutting-edge navigation, communication, and display systems enhance aircraft safety and efficiency.
  • Electric propulsion: Sustainable and innovative electric aircraft designs offer a glimpse into the future of aviation.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs): Drones and other UAVs showcase their capabilities in various applications, from surveillance to delivery.
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR): Immersive technologies provide visitors with interactive experiences and simulations of aviation.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Sun N Fun Expo Campus

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus offers a wide range of educational programs and workshops for attendees of all ages and interests. These programs cover various aviation-related topics, providing opportunities for attendees to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The educational programs are designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of aviation concepts, history, and current trends. They are led by experienced aviation professionals, educators, and researchers who share their expertise and insights with attendees.


The workshops offered at the Sun N Fun Expo Campus provide hands-on experience and practical training in various aviation-related areas. These workshops are typically led by industry experts and are designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop new skills.

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
  • Flight Simulation
  • Drone Operation
  • Avionics Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Flight Performance

Special Events and Activities

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus hosts a wide range of special events and activities throughout the year, catering to aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and the general public alike. These events offer unique opportunities to witness thrilling air shows, engage in competitions, and connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Air Shows

The campus is renowned for its spectacular air shows, which feature a diverse array of aircraft, from vintage warbirds to cutting-edge jets. These shows showcase the skills of world-class pilots and provide an unforgettable experience for spectators.


The campus also hosts various competitions that test the skills and knowledge of pilots and aviation professionals. These competitions include aerobatic contests, navigation challenges, and aircraft design competitions, providing a platform for participants to showcase their abilities.

Social Gatherings

In addition to air shows and competitions, the campus hosts social gatherings that bring together aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life. These gatherings include receptions, dinners, and networking events, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and share experiences.

Economic Impact and Community Involvement

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus serves as a significant economic driver for the local community. Its presence has fostered job creation, stimulated tourism, and enabled the organization to engage in impactful community outreach programs.

The campus provides employment opportunities for numerous individuals, including staff, contractors, and vendors. The influx of visitors during the annual Sun N Fun Aerospace Expo generates substantial revenue for local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and transportation services. Additionally, the campus hosts various events and activities throughout the year, attracting visitors and contributing to the area’s tourism sector.

Community Outreach Programs

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus actively engages in community outreach programs aimed at promoting aviation education and inspiring future generations. These initiatives include:

  • Educational workshops and programs for students of all ages, fostering their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
  • Collaboration with local schools and youth organizations to provide hands-on experiences and mentorship opportunities.
  • Hosting events and programs that celebrate aviation and connect the community with the world of aerospace.

Future Plans and Developments: Sun N Fun Expo Campus

Sun N Fun Expo Campus

The Sun N Fun Expo Campus is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the aviation community and the public. Several exciting plans and developments are in the pipeline for the future, including:

  • Expansion of the Expo Campus:The campus is set to expand by 50 acres, providing additional space for exhibits, displays, and educational programs.
  • New Hangar Construction:Several new hangars are planned to be built, providing additional space for aircraft storage and maintenance.
  • Upgrade of Facilities:The campus facilities, including the air traffic control tower and the runway, will be upgraded to meet the latest safety and operational standards.
  • New Educational Programs:The campus will introduce new educational programs in aviation science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to inspire the next generation of aviators and aerospace professionals.
  • Enhanced Visitor Experience:The campus will enhance the visitor experience by adding new attractions, such as a flight simulator and an aviation museum, to make the event more interactive and engaging for attendees.

These developments will further establish the Sun N Fun Expo Campus as a premier destination for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and the general public, while also contributing to the economic growth of the region.

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